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Accessories and Upgrades

SpinLife has accessory items on each model's product page on the Customize and Buy Bar. Remember, your scooter's weight capacity includes the weight of the driver, added accessories and items carried.

Scooter Accessories Baskets Baskets

Most scooters come standard with a front basket to hold your belongings or shopping bags. More larger and rear baskets can be added.

Scooter Accessories Pouches and Packs Pouches and packs

When using your scooter, you will want to safely stow items so they don't fall off of the scooter or get in the way of steering. We carry a full range of options for the arm, back and front of your scooter.

Scooter Accessories Battery Upgrades Battery upgrades

Battery upgrades are available on some of our scooters to increase amp hours for a longer range of travel.

Scooter Accessories Storage Covers Storage covers

If you store your scooter outside on a porch, carport, or other open environment, you'll want to cover it.

Scooter Accessories Holders Holders

SpinLife offers holders for:

  • Drink cups
  • Oxygen tanks and cylinders
  • Walkers, canes and crutches
  • Flags
Scooter Accessories Scooter Mirrors Mirrors

Rear-view mirrors are an important accessory to have when using your scooter outdoors.

Scooter Accessories Canopies Canopies

Most scooters can accommodate a canopy, which provides sun protection and can shield you from bad weather.


Check out our full selection of Scooters Accessories