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Pool Lifts

Shop SpinLife for pool lifts for residential use, or ADA compliant pool and spa lifts for public pools. Choose from great brands like Aqua Creek, Global Lift Corp and S.R. Smith.  From manual hydraulic pool lifts to fully powered models, we have a pool or spa lift to meet your needs.

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Selecting Pool Lifts


As of January 31, 2013 ADA compliance is required for Title II and Title III pool facilities. Both public and private facilities are affected by this ADA standard for pool lifts. Compliance can easily be reached by purchasing a pool lift which meets ADA requirements.

What makes a lift ADA compliant?

1. Minimum Lifting Capacity of 300 lbs.
2. Solid seat at least 16” in width
3. Lift must have footrests*
4. User must be able to operate, without assistance, from the deck and water
5. Must not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrists to operate and not require more than 5 lbs. of force
6. Seat must have the ability to submerge into the water 18” below stationary water level

*Footrests are not required for spa lifts. However, they are highly suggested. 

Am I a Title II or Title III facility, or neither?

Public facilities are classified under Title II and include public and government facilities such as, Parks and recreation districts, public schools and universities, municipalities, cities and counties. 

Private facilities are classified under Title III and include places of public accommodation and commercial facilities. Hotels, fitness and sports centers, private schools and universities, waterparks, hospitals, healthcare facilities, etc. are classified as Title III.

Residential housing such as private residences, apartment complexes, condos or homeowner’s associations are NOT required to comply if they strictly limit the use of their facilities to residents and guests. However, if they do any of the following they ARE required to comply:

1. The pool or spa is open to the general public
2. They generate commerce or sell memberships
3. The facility receives Federal funds
4. The pool is used for swimming competitions that are open to competitors from outside associations
5. The facility actively rents out their units when owners are absent, using advertising, taking reservations over the phone or providing meals or housing services (vacation timeshares).

Please note that each pool within a facility requires a lift. Sharing a lift between two pools even on the same property is not in compliance.


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