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SpinLife is the ultimate source for mattresses online. We sell top-of-the-line brands including Hill-Rom, Joerns, Invacare, Drive, and Proactive Medical. Have peace of mind knowing that you will find the best mattress at the best price with our 110% low price guarantee!
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Selecting Mattresses
Innerspring Mattresses are the most traditional mattress option and are great if you're looking for a mattress that's low maintenance. Innerspring mattresses use metal coils that are as their primary source of support, and are often offered in soft, medium, and firm for each user's preference. While innerspring mattresses are a classic choice for a typical night's rest and are very budget-friendly, they are not recommended for individuals with pressure sore concerns or for users that will be in bed throughout the day.

Foam Mattresses
 are made of one or more layers of foam and come in a wide range of models to accommodate different needs. There are models that are just for comfort and models that provide medical benefits like pressure redistribution and protection against skin shears. Foam mattresses can also feature micro cuts and special breathable covers to increase air circulation and regulate temperature. 

Air Systems
 provide the highest level of pressure redistribution and the most protection against skin breakdown out of all mattress types. Air systems utilize alternating pressure and low air loss therapy to protect against pressure ulcers. Air systems are ideal for users who are bed ridden or have trouble repositioning on their own. If you or your loved one needs assistance with repositioning, look for air systems with a 'lateral rotation' feature. Lateral rotation gently turns the body up to 45° from one side to another to prevent fluid buildup in the lungs.

Mattress Overlays come in a range of varieties for different uses. Overlays can be comprised of foam, static air cells, and even alternating pressure air cells for mild to moderate pressure redistribution. Mattress overlays are great supplements to your existing mattress and are an economical way to add an extra layer of comfort to your bed. We love that overlays increase comfort, can improve the distribution of pressure on the body, and improve the overall comfort of your bed. Keep in mind that overlays are not recommended to be used as a primary sleeping surface or used in place of a foam mattress or air system if an individual has specific medical needs.

Bariatric Mattresses cater to users that need a higher weight capacity and can accommodate weights of up to 1000 lbs. Our selection of bariatric mattresses range from foam models that suit users with more general needs to specialized foam models and air systems that are designed for users that need a more advanced level of care.

Adjustable Bed Mattresses are usually multi-layered foam or foam/innerspring combination surfaces to ensure that the mattress properly moves and adjusts as the bed frame repositions. These mattresses are durable and are designed to withstand frequent adjustments, so you can be sure your mattress won't wear prematurely. We offer a wide range of mattresses including memory foam, gel memory foam, latex, and innerspring/memory foam combos, as well as models that feature pillow tops. Each mattress is also available in multiple sizes to accommodate your current adjustable bed frame.


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