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SpinLife's Guide to Full Size Mobility Scooters

Full-Size Mobility Scooters (3 and 4-Wheel)

Full-size scooters are designed to offer indoor mobility in spaces like larger homes or stores, malls and community centers, but they really do best to maximize outdoor independence. These days, full- sized scooters can achieve speeds up to 18 mph, and some models can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge! Of course, not all models achieve that kind of performance, and your personal preferences and the way you anticipate using your scooter should dictate the specific model you choose.




Drive Medical Ventura DLX 3-Wheel scooter

 An important aspect in selecting a full-size scooter is turning radius, which dictates how well a scooter maneuvers indoors. For example, a 3-wheel scooter with a 42" turning radius will maneuver indoors better than a 4-wheel scooter with a 59" turning radius. As a result, if indoor maneuverability is important to you, look for a small turning radius.

 Great features and options available on many full-size scooters include suspension for a smooth ride and high-back, reclining seats for increased comfort. Full lighting for increased visibility outdoors is a great safety feature. A Delta tiller allows precise positioning of the steering and controls where you find it most comfortable. You can even consider adding an elevating seat that allows access to higher shelves when shopping. Since full size scooters are fairly heavy for transport, you may wish to consider a lift for your vehicle that will allow the scooter to travel with you.

 A full-size scooter may be best for you if you need:

  • Best outdoor performance.

  • Ability to travel longer distances.

  • Use in larger indoor environments, including stores and malls.

  • Features like suspension, deluxe seating, and full lighting.

  • Weight capacity up to 500 lbs.

  • Higher speeds.

    A full-size scooter may not be best for you if you need:

  • Transportability in a standard vehicle without a lift.

  • Maneuverability in a small home or apartment.

  • A size that fits someone very small in stature.

                                                                                                                                         By Mark E. Smith               


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