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Drive Medical Wrangler II

Drive Medical Wrangler II
List Price: $250.00
You Save: $121.00

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  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Nylon padded seat back
  • Back folds down for easy storage and transport
  • Swing-away footrests come standard
  • 8” casters in front and rear
  • Padded armrests provide additional comfort
  • Rear wheel locks come standard

Drive Medical Wrangler II

4.6 out of 5 stars
5 star - 73%
4 star - 21%
3 star - 3%
2 star - 0%
1 star - 0%
0 star - 0%
Ease of Use
Meets Expectations
  1. (No headline provided) - Hide Review
    • 2/5 Features
    • 2/5 Quality
    • 1/5 Ease of Use
    • 1/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: gary c. from wilmington, de

    User Details: Not provided

    Strengths: Not provided

    Weaknesses: Not provided

    Reviewed on 01/16/2015

  2. Effective; good price - Hide Review
    • 3/5 Features
    • 1/5 Quality
    • 1/5 Ease of Use
    • 1/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: john m. from fort worth, tx

    User Details: Not provided

    Strengths: Nice narrow chair to fit through narrow doors. When will someone come out with a dual battery pack or lithium battery to get decent range in a power chair???

    Weaknesses: I need a transport chair around the house since my balance is bad but my feet can still move it about. I don't want a standard chair with a big hand wheel that takes up large room in back. Could have softer tires for continual around the house use. Why didn't you bend the front arm support so that can fit under a table?

    Reviewed on 11/26/2014

  3. Speak with someone at Spinlife and make sure you understand... - Hide Review

    Speak with someone at Spinlife and make sure you understand and get the wheelchair you need, before you place an online order.

    • 3/5 Features
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 1/5 Ease of Use
    • 1/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: susan s. from andover, ma (caregiver)

    User Details: I should have spoken with someone in your service office as this was not the right light wheelchair for my Mom. She needs one which she can maneuver

    Strengths: Light

    Weaknesses: Not appropriate for my Mom's needs. This chair has four small wheels, but no big wheel that allow the patient to move independently.

    Reviewed on 04/02/2014

  4. Too heavy - Hide Review
    • 2/5 Features
    • 2/5 Quality
    • 2/5 Ease of Use
    • 1/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: amy g. from irvine, ca (caregiver)

    User Details: I bought the transport wheelchair for my mom who is 86 yrs old. Unfortunately It is too heavy to carry out.

    Strengths: Price

    Weaknesses: Weight

    Reviewed on 11/01/2012

  5. (No headline provided) - Hide Review
    • 3/5 Features
    • 2/5 Quality
    • 2/5 Ease of Use
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: antonio m. from buena park, ca (caregiver)

    User Details: used by a 76-year old male cancer victim. The chair is easy to fold and unfold and easy to stow in the truck for transportation.

    Strengths: The chair is inexpensive and easy to use.

    Weaknesses: It is a bit too narrow for a real sized person. Apparently it is intended skinny persons.

    Reviewed on 06/22/2007


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