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Nova Traveler 3-Wheel Walker

Nova Traveler 3-Wheel Walker
List Price: $139.95
You Save: $19.95

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  • Easy to maneuver and light weight.
  • Includes front basket and pouch

Nova Traveler 3-Wheel Walker

4.6 out of 5 stars
5 star - 74%
4 star - 20%
3 star - 4%
2 star - 0%
1 star - 0%
Ease of Use
Meets Expectations
  1. Not sturdy as my 4 wheel! - Hide Review
    • 4/5 Features
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 2/5 Ease of Use
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: dr thomas m. from norfolk, va (caregiver)

    User Details: 72 yr stroke pt.with central vertigo. Normal physical strength female. No other disabilities !!

    Strengths: Closes up to smaller space ! Quality good ! wheels better ! Walking space for feet small !! ??

    Weaknesses: Smaller space for feet !! Not sturdy feeling not tall enough for tall man or woman

    Reviewed on 06/25/2016

  2. A real helping hand, when I need it. I don't go anywhere... - Hide Review

    A real helping hand, when I need it. I don't go anywhere with my Nova.

    • 3/5 Features
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 3/5 Ease of Use
    • 3/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: susan k. from selma, nc

    User Details: A car T-boned in 2004, breaking my neck,back, hips and knees. After 5 spinal surgeries I purchased a(blue)3 wheelers, Love it.

    Strengths: Love the weight of the 3 wheeler. Easier to load and unload from my car. Large pocket helps me with all my shopping. Added Basket adds more carrying room. The breaks keep the 3 wheeler where I stop. I just love this item.

    Weaknesses: Breaks are a little too tight. Feels as if I might break the handle when setting the breaks.

    Reviewed on 01/17/2013

  3. This unit is too heavy for moving into and out of... - Hide Review

    This unit is too heavy for moving into and out of automobile. others you sell are better but were out of stock

    • 4/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 2/5 Ease of Use
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: john e. from springfield, pa

    User Details: Not provided

    Strengths: sturdy and well made

    Weaknesses: Too heavy for my wife to carry for me, up stairs, into car and even to move around. The widening feature is too stiff. I use the others for mobility of use and the 2 new ones stay on one floor in my split level and in my cape cod vacation home.

    Reviewed on 07/14/2011

  4. worse than my 20 year old Nova - Hide Review
    • 3/5 Features
    • 3/5 Quality
    • 3/5 Ease of Use
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: carolynn c. from bend, or

    User Details: 74,stroke 32 years ago,with left side disability, balance center in brain stem damaged.

    Strengths: I have a Nova Travelor I bought about 20 years ago that I love and when I needed a second one I bought one. The new one seems heavier, doesn't open as wide, doesn't stear as well and the lock is near to impossible to open and close plus the old nob on my old Nova doesn't hurt my hand where as the new square, sharp apperratis to lock/unlock does!

    Weaknesses: New over all shape prevents it from opening as wide. All of the above complaints. Not nearly as maneuverable as my old one. heveier to pick up.

    Reviewed on 06/22/2011

  5. (No headline provided) - Hide Review
    • 4/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 1/5 Ease of Use
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: gloria t. from santa barbara, ca

    User Details: I haven't been able to use it because it is too heavy to carry down my stairs and lift into my car. I am still using myliftweight walker. Maybe in th

    Strengths: It travels over bumps and uneven surfaces, has a brake, is sturdy.

    Weaknesses: too heavy to lift

    Reviewed on 12/17/2007


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