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Turning Radius

Using a Mobility Scooter Indoors
  • Turning Radius: The turning radius is the minimal space needed to execute a 180° "U turn". Scooter turning radius can be found listed in the Details & Specs tab on the scooter page under the image.
  • Turning Path: The turning path is your turning direction and the space needed to complete an uninterrupted turn is determined by multiplying your turning radius by two.
Turning Radius for Mobility Scooters

To determine whether a particular scooter can make turns in your space, simply measure the length and width of each area in which you need to make a U-turn. The length and width of that floor space should be at least two times as wide as the turning radius shown in the scooter's specifications. This will allow enough room to turn a scooter 180°

SpinLife recommends adding a few extra inches onto the measurement in order to make turning safer and easier within your home. If you find that a scooter can't turn in the places you need it to because the turning radius is too large, you may want to consider a power wheelchair. Power wheel chairs have a turning radius as tight as 20 inches, which means they can turn in a 40" space..