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Invacare Toileting Sling W/Belt

Invacare Toileting Sling W/Belt
List Price: $187.12
You Save: $44.12

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  • Excellent for toileting and bed to chair transfers
  • 2 support straps on each side for safety
  • Patient must have full head and neck control for proper use of this sling

Invacare Toileting Sling W/Belt

4.2 out of 5 stars
5 star - 54%
4 star - 25%
3 star - 11%
2 star - 8%
Ease of Use
Meets Expectations
  1. Toileting sling, yes, would recommend; bathing, absolutely... - Hide Review

    Toileting sling, yes, would recommend; bathing, absolutely not

    • 4/5 Meets Expectations
    • 4/5 Ease of Use
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 4/5 Features

    Reviewer: karen d. from burnsville, mn (caregiver)

    User Details: Toileting sling - works well Bathing sling - reclines resident way too far; wish we would have sent it back.

    Strengths: Toileting sling - being able to put on/take off without having to have resident in bed, not having to leave it on her w/c for dignity purposes

    Weaknesses: Bathing sling - reclines resident too far, unable to get resident into sitting position safely. Resident afraid when back too far.

    Reviewed on 07/05/2017

  2. Didn't work for us. - Hide Review
    • 4/5 Features
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 2/5 Ease of Use
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: charlene t. from mechanicsville, va (caregiver)

    User Details: Sling too big for my daughter (medium) who is 5'5" and weighs 137 lbs. Trying to get something smaller.

    Strengths: Will work for the average size person who is able to help themselves a little in the transfer.

    Weaknesses: None that I have experienced

    Reviewed on 06/04/2016

  3. (No headline provided) - Hide Review
    • 1/5 Meets Expectations
    • 1/5 Ease of Use
    • 4/5 Quality

    Reviewer: charlene t. from mechanicsville, va (caregiver)

    User Details: Did not work for my daughter who is 5'4" and 135 lbs., nothing small enough.

    Strengths: Would probably work for larger people

    Weaknesses: Belt was way too large--it just doesn't work for smaller users.

    Reviewed on 05/25/2016

  4. Makes life easier for patient AND caregiver - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations
    • 4/5 Features

    Reviewer: linda d. from laughlin, nv (caregiver)

    User Details: 85 year old male, 210 pounds, invalid (can't walk or take a step), can't lift himself up, incontinent, with dementia

    Strengths: Ease of use - putting on and taking off design is amazing

    Weaknesses: Wish there was a secondary set of straps just below top ones - so as to not put so much pressure underarms -- more support for back -

    Reviewed on 05/04/2015

  5. Difficult to use and too large - Hide Review
    • 3/5 Features
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations
    • 1/5 Ease of Use
    • 4/5 Quality

    Reviewer: william s. from columbia, sc

    User Details: 54 years of age, with neurological Lyme Sling is well-built but very difficult to get into. As a result, I don't use the sling. It's much too larg

    Strengths: Well-built with multiple attachment points.

    Weaknesses: The only way to use the sling would be to have two attendants lift or roll patient onto it.

    Reviewed on 05/03/2015

  6. (No headline provided) - Hide Review
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 4/5 Ease of Use
    • 4/5 Meets Expectations
    • 4/5 Features

    Reviewer: gary g. from lexington, nc

    User Details: Physical disability

    Strengths: Style

    Weaknesses: None

    Reviewed on 10/03/2014

  7. Compact and easy to use. - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations
    • 5/5 Ease of Use

    Reviewer: linda l. from waxahachie, tx (caregiver)

    User Details: 94 year old man.

    Strengths: Not provided

    Weaknesses: Not provided

    Reviewed on 08/14/2014

  8. (No headline provided) - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Features

    Reviewer: nancy p. from charlestown, ri

    User Details: Not provided

    Strengths: Ease of use -- comes on and off easily.

    Weaknesses: None.

    Reviewed on 06/13/2014

  9. Well made, easy to use, very safe - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations
    • 5/5 Ease of Use

    Reviewer: karen w. from rohnert park, ca (caregiver)

    User Details: My client is 89 and has gotten to the place that she needed help with transfers. She was so distrustful of anyone helping her

    Strengths: We have different caregivers in to assist and the color coded straps are very helpful. The client feels secure and it's easy to use. Sturdy construction

    Weaknesses: My only suggestion would be to stitch the belt down a little more on either side in the back. We have to go hunting for it sometimes

    Reviewed on 04/11/2014

  10. A big help in transferring - Hide Review
    • 4/5 Ease of Use
    • 3/5 Meets Expectations
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 4/5 Features

    Reviewer: vicky g. from erwin, nc (caregiver)

    User Details: 79 year old female, wheelchair bound, no ability to walk

    Strengths: Easy to learn to use

    Weaknesses: Belt needs to be able to be tightened more. This is our one big problem when transporting as she begins to slip through bottom of sling because belt is not snug to her body.

    Reviewed on 03/10/2014


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