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Comfort Company Adjuster Cushion with Vicair

Comfort Company Adjuster Cushion with Vicair
List Price: $441.00
You Save: $115.35

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  • Five fully adjustable compartments for customization
  • Comes with the choice of two different covers
  • Available in 17 sizes

Comfort Company Adjuster Cushion with Vicair

4.2 out of 5 stars
5 star - 62%
4 star - 12%
3 star - 12%
2 star - 12%
Ease of Use
Meets Expectations
  1. Does not meet my needs - Hide Review
    • 3/5 Features
    • 3/5 Quality
    • 2/5 Ease of Use
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: vivian f. from williamstown, nj

    User Details: I am a wheelchair bound individual.

    Strengths: I find it difficult to answer this question

    Weaknesses: Difficult to adjust and lack of instructions. The price is not justified for a product that I can't even use.

    Reviewed on 04/22/2019

  2. Excellent cushion so far, durability to come. - Hide Review
    • 4/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 4/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: thomas w. from marathon, wi

    User Details: Paraplegic: 14-16hrs/day in a wheelchair.

    Strengths: Uniqueness

    Weaknesses: So far none

    Reviewed on 04/07/2019

  3. The cushion does help with my pain level - Hide Review
    • 3/5 Features
    • 3/5 Quality
    • 3/5 Ease of Use
    • 3/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: anna marie a. from hemet, ca

    User Details: I have limited mobility and must sit for long periods of time

    Strengths: The construction of the product seems to be good

    Weaknesses: The price of the product made it necessary to wait until I could save enough money and then I had to borrow some to pay for it.

    Reviewed on 01/06/2019

  4. Makes long sittings much more comfortable. - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: jeff b. from tucson, az

    User Details: On wheelchair.

    Strengths: Quality of construction. Absorbs shocks when travelling in van.

    Weaknesses: Not provided

    Reviewed on 06/09/2018

  5. Excellent product. - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: renee k. from cheyenne, wy

    User Details: 18 years of manual wheelchair use/activity.

    Strengths: I've used ROHO b/c of air support; Vicair adjusts, supports and is durable. Very adjustable and great for pressure points. Excellent Choice. I Love this cushion!

    Weaknesses: None. Best cushion I've used so far!

    Reviewed on 03/25/2017

  6. Great product - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: jim d. from shoreline, wa (caregiver)

    User Details: My client has cerebral palsy and is in a manual w/c full time. He is very thin (boney) in body frame so his potential for skin breakdown on his botto

    Strengths: Pressure sore prevention, comfort. Air pockets can be adjusted/removed for individual comfort. Durable air pockets haven't popped.

    Weaknesses: Might not like some of the shuffling noise of individual air pockets that may occur during movement/repositioning. Not really a concern for us as we don't notice it. Seat cushion had a rip at the seam in front. It may have been caused by using a lap tray with post in the middle.

    Reviewed on 07/17/2015

  7. A comfortable, almost maintenance-free cushion with a... - Hide Review

    A comfortable, almost maintenance-free cushion with a lifetime warranty

    • 4/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 4/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: charles b. from maquoketa, ia

    User Details: Active 27 year old paraplegic male in good overall health

    Strengths: This cushion requires almost no maintenance and is ready for use out of the box. Additional air cells can be purchased if needed (though most users probably shouldn't need them unless some get lost or damaged since this cushion is well balanced out of the box). The lifetime warranty can't be beat. The choice between 2 different types of cushion covers is nice (I chose the Comfort Tek which I think is easier to maintain). Few cushions are able to support as much weight as this one.

    Weaknesses: There is no documentation saying how many air cells are in each compartment out of the box, so if one accidentally loses any cells out of the cushion, replacing them the way they were is a guessing game.

    Reviewed on 05/27/2015

  8. Quality product for comfortable sitting - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: judy b. from glenshaw, pa (caregiver)

    User Details: My husband had a right hip disarticulation in September and this helps him to sit in comfort. He also uses one to drive the car.

    Strengths: Ability to change the pressure of the individual pockets of the cushion.

    Weaknesses: Possibly noisy, but understandable due to material used.

    Reviewed on 03/05/2015


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