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Pediatric Rehab and Positioning

Selecting Pediatric Rehab and Positioning

Learn More about which rehab and positioning items might be right for your child

Benefits of Activity Chairs:

  • Allows kids to be at eye level with peers when in a classroom setting 
  • Foster focus while doing classroom activity or therapy at home 
  • Provide proper support vs traditional seating options 
  • Can be customized for each individual 

Benefits of a standing frame:

  • Build muscle strength around hips, knees and ankles
  • Improve overall cardiovascular health 
  • Standing opens the diaphragm and can helping with breathing and speaking
  • Can aid in ambulation
  • Aids in Digestion

Benefits of of using rolls and wedges at home:

1. Postural Support: Rolls and wedges can be strategically positioned to provide optimal postural support for individuals. They can help maintain proper alignment of the spine, pelvis, and limbs, which is crucial for preventing discomfort and promoting good posture.

2. Pressure Relief: Placing rolls and wedges under specific body parts can help distribute pressure more evenly, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers or discomfort that can arise from prolonged sitting or lying in the same position.

3. Sensory Integration: In sensory integration therapy, rolls and wedges can be used to provide different sensory experiences and stimulate the body's proprioceptive and tactile senses. This can be beneficial for individuals with sensory processing challenges.

4. Pelvic Alignment: Wedges can be used to support the pelvis and help align it properly. This can be particularly useful for individuals with pelvic floor issues or those who need support during activities like sitting or squatting.

5. Therapeutic Use: In physical therapy and rehabilitation, rolls and wedges can be used to facilitate specific exercises and stretches. They provide stability and support, making it easier for individuals to perform movements that might otherwise be challenging. (always consult with your doctor or physical therapist first)

6. Comfort during Rest and Sleep: Rolls and wedges can enhance comfort while resting or sleeping.

7. Flexibility and Stretching: Rolls and wedges can be used to enhance flexibility and facilitate stretching. By positioning them under certain body parts, individuals can achieve deeper stretches and work on improving their range of motion, head or core strength.

8. Reflux and Digestive Comfort: Pediatric wedges are commonly used to help alleviate symptoms of infant reflux (GERD - Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Elevating the head and upper body can reduce the likelihood of stomach contents flowing back into the esophagus, thereby reducing discomfort and spitting up.

9. Respiratory Support: Elevating the upper body can help children with respiratory issues breathe more easily, especially in cases of colds, congestion, or mild cases of obstructive sleep apnea. This elevated position can help reduce nasal congestion and make breathing more comfortable.

10. Feeding Support: For children who have trouble feeding due to issues like swallowing difficulties or laryngomalacia (floppy airway), an elevated position can make swallowing and feeding easier.

Common Questions

Is shipping free?

Yes, standard ground shipping is FREE. (Orders over $50 always ship for free at SpinKids.)

 Will I be charged sales tax?

SpinKids is required to collect sales tax for items shipped to certain states. You can read our full Sales Tax policy here  to see if your state is on the list.

What happens if my equipment breaks?

SpinKids is here to support you throughout the life of your equipment and this includes helping you with any problems that may arise after you receive your equipment. Most all items come with a Manufacturer warranty. Details of each warranty can be found on the specific product page under the warranty tab. Should something happens after the manufacturer warranty time period, we at SpinKids are here to help! We partner with our sister company SpinLife to provide  a national network of technicians.  Please contact us directly at 1-800-850-0335 and we will attempt to troubleshoot it over the phone. Many times, it is the flip of a switch or a simple fix. If we are not successful with that, or it indicates a bigger problem, we do offer spot service calls and a parts service.

What happens if I want to return my equipment?

 Please see our Return Policy for details.


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