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Varilite ProForm NX

Varilite ProForm NX
List Price: $442.00
You Save: $118.00

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Varilite ProForm NX

4.0 out of 5 stars
5 star - 33%
4 star - 33%
3 star - 33%
Ease of Use
Meets Expectations
  1. Definitely not what I was expecting! - Hide Review
    • 4/5 Features
    • 3/5 Quality
    • 3/5 Ease of Use
    • 1/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: erwin j. from wilmington, de

    User Details: Handicapped by stroke with right sided lower extremity paralysis.

    Strengths: Not really sure! Design of product could potentially help someone but not in my case.

    Weaknesses: Design of product - Once inflated & even after adjusting with valve, the front height renders maneuvering a wheelchair nearly impossible & I'm 6'0" tall.

    Reviewed on 11/11/2013

  2. Great product supporting back - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: ronald c. from collierville, tn (caregiver)

    User Details: female user age 50, with loss of limbs below waist due to cancer in spine.

    Strengths: Not provided

    Weaknesses: Not provided

    Reviewed on 07/04/2011

  3. not if their needs are like mine - Hide Review
    • 3/5 Features
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 2/5 Ease of Use
    • 2/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: gail m. from marietta, ga

    User Details: age 69, hip disarticulation amputee

    Strengths: I feel the product is very well made

    Weaknesses: it was just not for me, it was too rigid and too "high" or thick for my needs. I returned this product and ordered another Varalite cushion, the one i have used before.

    Reviewed on 05/11/2011

  4. Good Cushion, needs a little tweaking for it to be come... - Hide Review

    Good Cushion, needs a little tweaking for it to be come best.

    • 4/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 3/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: tracy m. from salem, or

    User Details: Paraplegic for 13 years. Have used Varilite Evolution cushion most of those years. Bought Pro-Form to help with my scoliosis/sitting position.

    Strengths: The dual chamber air is great for my sitting position and scoliosis. I really love it.

    Weaknesses: Being a Paraplegic, I do many transfers. The non-air part (front part, under thigh) is too hard and hurts my tush a lot. I've never had a pressure sore since my disability, and using this cushion for 2 weeks, it started to give me bruise pains. I don't recommend this cushion to Paraplegics who do a lot of transfers (chair to bed, to toilet, to sofa to car multiples times a day) , but I do recommend this cushion to all others because it's great helping with seating & posture.

    Reviewed on 10/25/2010

  5. Great product...very comfortable - Hide Review
    • 5/5 Features
    • 5/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 5/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: dorinda b. from frankfort, in

    User Details: T3/T4 paraplegic

    Strengths: adjustable air cushions form fitting

    Weaknesses: need to have an additional cover when washing the original cover

    Reviewed on 01/10/2009

  6. (No headline provided) - Hide Review
    • 4/5 Features
    • 4/5 Quality
    • 5/5 Ease of Use
    • 4/5 Meets Expectations

    Reviewer: tony m. from dallas, tx

    User Details: I'm disabe from the hip down.My age is 50 i use the product on my wheelchair.

    Strengths: The strudness and ease to use and maintain

    Weaknesses: Not provided

    Reviewed on 04/16/2008


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