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Instructions - Wheelchairs (English)



PURPOSE: Wheelchairs are designed to allow those individuals who either cannot walk or have limited walking ability to be independent and mobile. Wheelchairs should be properly prescribed and fitted. If you have not seen a physician or therapist regarding your wheelchair, we encourage you to do so.

TYPES: Wheelchairs come in many different shapes, sizes, and brands. These wheelchairs can range from several hundred to several thousands of dollars. All wheelchairs have a maximum weight limit that they can support. Make sure you verify the weight capacity of your wheelchair. Wheelchairs also come in different height models and variations in weight. SpinLife has the capability to custom build or order a manual wheelchair to meet most needs. At all times the user must follow and abide by all manufacturers? safety and operational procedures.

ARMRESTS: Armrests provide support for the user?s arms. There are two types of armrests, fixed and detachable. The fixed type armrests usually provide a more secure fit to the user and generally result in a narrower chair. Detachable arms either lift out of the way or completely detach from the chair allowing for easy transferring into and out of the wheelchair. You should consult SpinLife for your specific needs.

LEG RESTS: Leg rests come in three basic types, fixed, swing away and elevating. Fixed leg rests are for users that transport their wheelchair infrequently or have unlimited transportation space. Swing-away leg rests actually swing away and detach, thus giving the wheelchair a more compact size when transporting, and also making getting into and out of the wheelchair safer and more accessible. Elevating leg rests allow the raising of the leg to an extended position. This feature is provided for users that cannot bend or must raise their legs. All leg rests should be adjusted properly before using.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation of wheelchairs is simplified by their ability to fold up or collapse. A collapsed wheelchair is reduced to a width of approximately 1 foot. It can be easily rolled into a back seat of a car by tilting the wheelchair on its large wheels and placing the smaller caster wheels into the vehicle. Then roll the larger wheels up into the back seat. Storage in automobile trunks is also accessible. The user must always utilize proper lifting techniques when lifting heavy or awkward objects. There are also wheelchair lifts that can be attached to most trailer hitches.

USE: To fold up your wheelchair, grab the seat sling in the middle and pull up. To unfold, push down on the seat guideposts with the palm of your hand. Never allow your fingers to get between the guideposts and armrests. To prevent tire damage, never store or transport your wheelchair with the wheel locks on.

Each wheelchair is equipped with wheel locks. Wheel locks are not intended to keep the wheelchair braked in all situations. Wheel locks are designed to provide resistance so that the average user will not move when they are applied. Wheel locks should be regularly checked and adjusted for proper function. When transferring into and out of the wheelchair, always have brakes applied.

All leg rests have flip-up footplates. These footplates must always be flipped up and out of the way when transferring into and out of the wheelchair. Most wheelchairs come with anti-tipping devices attached. These devices are designed to help prevent backward tipping of the wheelchair. These devices must always be in place.

LIFTS: SpinLife sells and install wheelchair lifts. These devices simplify the transportation of your wheelchair. Ask SpinLife about the different models available to accommodate your needs.

CUSHIONS: Wheelchair cushions come in many different styles and levels of cushioning. Cushions are designed for those individuals who spend many hours in their wheelchairs and need to prevent skin breakdown. Cushions can provide support and stability for the user. Cushions should be purchased from SpinLife that can properly fit the user. SpinLife offers an extensive selection of different cushions for different needs.

ACCESSORIES: Like any other transportation modality, wheelchairs can be purchased with many different options or accessories. SpinLife can provide most accessories, like wheelchair lap trays, oxygen holders, cushions, and power attachments.

MAINTENANCE: SpinLife is dedicated to complete customer care and want to service your entire wheelchair needs. The user should perform visual checks on their wheelchair at least monthly. If any item is ripped or worn, it should be replaced immediately. If any item needs replacing, it should be done immediately by contacting SpinLife.


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