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Instructions - Raised Toilet Seats (English)



PURPOSE: The raised toilet seat’s sole purpose is to raise the height of the home toilet. By raising the height of the toilet, users have less distance to travel when bending over. This allows, in most cases, for the user to function independently.

TYPES: Raised toilet seats come in many different brands, shapes, sizes, and methods of attachment. Most only differ in their method of attachment. We can also order special devices for individual needs, i.e., padded units and special cutouts.

ATTACHMENT: There are inexpensive raised toilet seats that do not clamp on and simply just sit on top on the toilet seat. This inexpensive model does require extra diligence in use. Other raised toilet seats have clamps that attach to the underside of the toilet bowl. They are meant to be semi-permanent additions to the toilet.

We recommend the purchasing of a raised toilet seat with safety armrests. We also offer Toilet Safety Rails that attach to the toilet base. These are designed for those users who have already purchased a raised toilet seat and want to add additional safety armrests.

USE: When utilizing the raised toilet seat the user should exercise care, discretion, and common sense. Always adjust your sitting so the user sits down on the middle of the raised toilet seat. Adjusting your body positioning once on the unit or before standing can cause the unit to flip forward and cause a fall. If the user needs to adjust positioning or slide transfer into and off the raised toilet seat, it is essential that armrest or a safety frame be attached.

INSTALLATION: All models install differently and the installer must follow manufacturer installation procedures. It is also recommended that the security of the clamps be checked at least weekly. If any questions arise during installation please call SpinLife.