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Instructions - Canes (English)



PURPOSE: Walking aids are designed to give the user additional stability when used properly. Your physician has ordered your walking aid for a specific reason. If your physician has given you specific instructions, you must follow them.

TYPES: There are many different types of canes, wood, aluminum, folding, and adjustable are just some of the types. SpinLife offers range of most types. If there is a special need, please let us know and they will try to order it.

FITTING: A properly fitted cane or walking aid is adjusted to the height necessary when wearing shoes you will be wearing while walking with the cane or walking aid. The top curve or handle should be approximately at the hip joint and the elbow will be slightly bent (20 - 30 degree angle). For wooden canes the shaft must be cut to accommodate the rubber tip.

USE: The cane, or walking aid, is held in the non-affected or good hand. Stand with your legs slightly apart and the non-affected leg slightly behind the affected leg. The cane or walking aid should be placed approximately 12 inches in front and on the side of the non-affected leg. Your first step is with the non-affected leg. Then the weak or affected leg moves forward while the cane is firmly held to the floor. Your physician or therapist may specify changes to this basic technique. When using a quad cane the base needs to be turned so that the narrow or flush side is faced toward the body. Never negotiate stairs without consulting your physician.

When utilizing your walking aid for assistance in standing from a seated position, both feet should be firmly planted on the floor. The walking aid must be in your good hand. Push up on the armrests to a standing position.

MAINTENANCE: The rubber tips on your walking aid are very important and you should inspect them regularly. Worn or damaged tips must be replaced immediately. SpinLife maintains a wide variety of cane tips that are inexpensive. The handgrip should be checked for movement, if applicable, on a regular basis and replaced if damaged. Wood canes should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent damage.



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