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Lift Chair Sizing Guidelines

You will notice that in addition to offering choices in style and color, many lift chairs come in several sizes. Just like a comfortable pair of shoes will fit well and support your foot, a properly fitted lift chair will really go a long way towards your everyday comfort. Let’s go over some simple measuring guidelines to understand how this works.

Maybe you already have an easy chair or recliner in your home that just fits you great. If so, then let’s take some measurements. Using a tape measure or yardstick, measure the width of the seat between the arms and write it down. That is your seat width. Next measure from the front edge of the seat cushion backwards to the point where it joins the back cushion and write that down. That is your seat depth. If you measure from the back of the seat cushion to the top of the backrest that gives you the back height. Next, measure the front of the chair from the floor to the top of the cushion and write it down. That is your seat to floor height. Using those measurements you can determine which lift chair will come closest to the measurements of a chair you are already happy with, and you are on your way!

What if you don’t have a favorite chair for reference? We’ll just decide on those same four basic measurements based on measuring you. First let’s measure the seat width, using the same yardstick or tape measure. Sit down on a chair with a back. Dining room chairs work best. Measure across your lap, in a straight line. You are not wrapping the tape measure around your hips, just measuring across. Write that down, and for comfort you will most likely want to add an inch or two. To measure the seat depth, take that yardstick and place it along the side of your hip, so the end is against the backrest behind your bottom. Then measure forward, to the point behind your knee where it bends.  To determine the back height, measure from the same point at the back of the seat behind your bottom, up to the top of your head. Last, with your feet sitting on the floor in front of you, measure straight up to behind your knee where it bends to get your ideal seat to floor height. Compare those measurements to the specifications of the various lift chairs to find a perfect fit for you.

There is one more consideration when choosing a lift chair, and that is your weight. Since the motors are pushing you up to standing, it’s important that your weight does not exceed the weight capacity of the chair you choose. Generally weight capacities are either 325 lbs, 375 lbs., 500 lbs. or greater and the chairs will be sized accordingly. Just be sure that you are well within the recommended weight range for the best long-term reliability and comfort.

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