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Lift Chair Maintenance

Proper Care and Maintenance Are Keys to Keeping Your Lift Chair in Top Shape

You’ve decided on the right lift chair to fit your lifestyle, and you’re enjoying what you expect will be years of use and comfort. Regardless of the style – whether you’ve opted for the two-position, three-position or zero-gravity model – you can take some simple steps to ensure that you truly do get the most from your lift chair.

It starts with taking time to read the owner’s manual and fully understand how to operate your lift chair. Like any piece of machinery, there are important instructions you’ll need to follow to keep your chair operating its best.

Beyond understanding how your chair operates, why not set a regular cleaning and maintenance program that will keep your lift chair in tip-top shape. Follow some simple tips, and you will be on your way to trouble-free use.


There are three rules that should be followed with lift chairs. Remember, lift chairs contain a motorized lifting system in the base, and the backrest and footrest of a lift chair are controlled electronically. They need special attention. The top three rules to follow when it comes to the motor and power source:

  • Don’t let water or liquids to come into contact with the motor, electronic components or power source, as it can cause electrical shock leading to potential injury or damage to the chair.

  • Be sure to plug your lift chair into an approved and electrically grounded outlet (A three prong plug)

  • Don’t plug your lift chair into an extension cord, but rather plug it directly into the outlet to minimize safety and performance problems.

 Fabric Care

  • Inspect the fabric regularly for any pulls, tears or gaps.

  • Keep the fabric clean by using mild fabric cleaners (do not allow any liquids to come into contact with electrical components).

  • Unplug the chair during cleaning.

  • Do not use solvent-based cleaners and do not saturate the fabric during cleaning.

 Electronics Care

  • Inspect all wiring harnesses to be sure they are not frayed or damaged, or show signs of corrosion.

  • Keep electronics free from moisture and extreme temperatures.

  • If you find damage, unplug the chair and contact an authorized service provider.

  • Your lift chair has a battery backup, so replace the batteries annually, even if it has never been used. If it has been used, test the batteries to check if they need replacing. They use two 9 volt batteries.

  • If the external transformer box or hand control requires cleaning, unplug the cord and use a clean, dry cloth or lightly dampened cloth to clean it. Allow ample time for it to dry before plugging in the cord.

    • Keep the hand control away from heated surfaces and liquids.

 Lift Chair Reminders

  •  Don’t attempt to lubricate the lifting mechanism.

  • If your lift chair is making unusual noises, or is not performing correctly, unplug it and call your medical equipment service provider for service.

  • Place the electrical cord in an area that will not cause anyone to trip.

  • Place your lift chair far enough from the wall that the backrest will not hit the wall when you recline.

  • Never let any objects get under the raised foot lift.

  • When not using your lift chair, leave it in the normal sitting position (all the way down).

  • Never leave a disoriented or physically challenged individual unattended in the lift chair.

  • All lift chairs have a maximum weight capacity – follow the guidelines for your chair.

 Safety Tips

  • Do not retrieve fallen objects from inside or under the chair while the chair is plugged in.

  • Do not operate the lift chair if there are any persons, pets or other obstructions under or in front of the footrest, under the chair or behind the chair.

  • Do not allow children to play on the lift chair, or sit on the footrest.

  • Keep pets away from the lift chair and its moving parts.

  • Avoid pinch points on the lift chair, such as the lift and scissor mechanisms.

  • Keep the hand control in the locked position or use the quick-disconnect feature to prevent unintended operation of the lift chair.

  • Do not “drop” into the lift chair if it is in a partially raised position.

  • Do not sit or stand on the footrest, do not move the chair by pulling on the footrest.


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