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Extended Service Contracts

SpinLife Extended Service Contracts

Extended Service contracts are available on many of the products we sell. The individual product pages on will show the type of contract available and how much each contract costs. We want you to completely understand our program, so here’s the fine print:

You can purchase an Extended Service at the time of sale, or within 30 days of the sales date. The contract period begins either when you receive the product, or on the day you purchase the contract, whichever comes first. Extended Service Contracts cannot be renewed on a year-by-year basis.

SpinLife Extended Service contracts cover in-home service, including diagnostics, labor, trip charges, mileage and repair. You do not have to take your item anywhere; the service tech comes to you. There is no additional fee if the service call is outside the usual 100 mile radius for service.

If you move, your service contract goes with you, as long as you move within the continental United States. Just make sure to let us know your new address! If the mobility device is sold during the contract period, the Extended Service contract does not transfer to the new owner.

Replacement Parts are not covered by the Extended Service Contract, however, many replacement parts are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If replacement parts are under manufacturer’s warranty at the time of service, those parts, as well as service and labor, are free. If the parts that need replacement are out of warranty with the manufacturer at the time service is required, then you are responsible for the cost of parts only, the service and labor to repair are free.

A special word about batteries: Extended service contracts cover the installation of replacement batteries during the initial 6 months battery warranty that comes with your new scooter or Power Wheelchair.  Service calls to install replacement batteries outside the initial 6 months period are not covered under the extended service contract.



If you have any further questions at all please call one of our Product Specialists at 800-850-0335

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SpinLife respects your privacy. We will never sell your personal information or share it with another company. Read our for details.