Ordering Medical Equipment

Ordering a complex and expensive item like a wheelchair or mobility scooter on-line can seem like a scary thing to do. Don't worry. We are here to hold your hand through the entire process. You will notice that every page of our site has our 1-800-850-0335 customer service number. This number is your key to comfort, because it connects you to a team of people who do nothing else all day but make sure that you get the right product for you. You can reach these same people through customerservice@spinlife.com.

During our standard business hours, you can reach a SpinMaster. A SpinMaster is an individual with great knowledge of wheelchairs and scooters. Each SpinMaster has at least 5 years experience helping users select and purchase the perfect chair or scooter for them.

Try to stump them. Go ahead. Between the lot of them, we guarantee that we can answer your question, or at least find the answer to your question.

And when they aren't helping people on the phones, they are reviewing each and every wheelchair and scooter order that we receive. Scanning it for potential conflicts, insuring that the accessories all work together, making sure that you really want that bright Fuchsia finish with glitter. If there is any doubt, the SpinMaster will call or email you to insure that the order is perfect before your chair is built and shipped. This extra step, this is what sets SpinLife.com apart. So, whether on-line or on the phone, you can order with confidence.

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