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What Type of Bed is Right for Me?

Extended Use Homecare Beds

  • » Feature advanced therapeutic positioning options
  • » Come with powered bed height adjustment for easy transfers
  • » Ideal for long term use
  • » Many offer head and footboard options, and can complement almost any home's décor
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Temporary Use Hospital Beds

  • » Economical bed solutions
  • » Feature spring platform
  • » Offer some positioning and adjustment (not all powered)
  • » These beds come in a Manual, Semi Electric or Electric option
  • » Come in standard hospital bed sizes (slightly more narrow than a twin)
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Adjustable Beds

  • » Most models come in Twin, Full, Queen and King, and a few offer Split Queen and King options
  • » Look just like a normal bed
  • » Come with powered head and foot adjustments; however, they offer limited therapeutic positions
  • » Many models offer heat and massage as an upgrade
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Bed Types

Your mattress is as important as your bed frame.

Innerspring Mattress


Foam Mattress


  • Can be more comfortable than innerspring
  • Comes in a variety of foam types from basic comfort to therapeutic and skin-protecting
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Air Systems:

  • The best category for skin protection and preventing pressure build-up
  • Air cells within the mattresses alternatively inflate and deflate for built-in pressure relief
  • Certain units can be set to inflate at different intervals and for different lengths of time based on therapeutic needs
  • The air blowers can be a bit noisy
Mattress Overlays

Mattress Overlays:

  • These are laid over your current mattress for slight skin protection or just additional comfort
  • Overlays can be foam, gel or air
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Mattress Options

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  • Top Quality Beds
  • Used by many Hospitals and Facility across the US
  • Power head, foot and height adjustments
  • Manual, Semi-Electric and Full-Electric Frames
  • Head and Foot Position Adjust for Maximum Comfort

Choosing a Bed

Whether you are adding to or setting up a new homecare experience, choosing which home-quality hospital bed, homecare bed or adjustable bed is an important part of the equation. Our home-quality hospital beds range from basic and economical to more advanced models. Homecare beds are fully powered and adjustable. Adjustable beds are available in four sizes and with or without massage. The following overview of what's available can help you make a good choice based on your needs and our great selection of beds and accessories.

Temporary Use Hospital Beds - These Home-Quality Hospital Beds are an economical solution for those requiring some bed positioning. These beds have spring frames and come in manual, semi-electric and full electric models. When buying a bed in this category you'll also need to choose a mattress separately. The width of these beds is "hospital standard", so slightly narrower than a twin sized bed.

Extended Use Homecare Beds  -These are high quality beds and are more durable and comfortable beds than the Hospital Beds. They generally have solid steel frames and are fully powered and adjustable. Most can adjust to advanced therapy positions including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions to accommodate a variety of health conditions. They come in a standard twin size frame. They come with headboards and footboards to blend with your home decor. Bed rails and other bed accessories can be easily added to these beds. These beds are height adjustable, allowing them to be lowered or raised off the floor as needed to easily transfer someone to a wheelchair or patient lift. These beds are great long-term care options.

Adjustable Beds - These are available in twin, full, queen and split king sizes. They are fully powered and have independent head and foot adjustments. They are a long-term solution for those with arthritis, circulatory and respiratory conditions and many other chronic health conditions. 

Accessories -
We offer a number of great bed accessories including bed rails, overbed tables for snacks, and trapezes which assist with transfers. Bed accessories help complete your homecare environment, making it more comfortable and functional.

- No bed is complete without a mattress. Options are available from foam to luxury inner coil spring models. Factors in this decision would include how long you plan on using the bed, how long each day a person will spend the bed and the individual medical needs of the user.

Overlays & Pressure Relieving Mattresses - These mattresses provide added health benefits to your bed. Choose from models with air pumped through them, with adjusting gel pockets, comfortable foam layers or self-adjusting air pockets to help distribute the weight and reduce the risk of pressure sores.

Pillows - Air filled pillows are self-adjusting and provide greater comfort than traditional pillows. They are available in standard and king sizes.

Common Questions

Will I be charged sales tax?
*Sales tax is applied to certain products shipped to the state of Ohio.

Is shipping free?
Yes, if your order is over $50 it will ship for free. (Orders over $50 always ship for free everyday at SpinLife.)

What if something goes wrong with my bed?
SpinLife is here to support you throughout the life of your purchase.  We honor all manufacturers warranties.  If you run into trouble, give us a call 800-850-0335 and we will get it taken care of. Many of our beds come with extended service contracts. If your product is within that period we will dispatch a tech to your home for repair or trouble shooting.