Mobility Equipment

SpinLife is the largest retailer of lifestyle mobility equipment in the United States. The SpinLife New Castle Delaware facility is the company's first brick-and-mortar location. SpinLife Professional Mobility Services provides the opportunity for face-to-face consultation, the ability to touch and test multiple products, evaluate compatability with existing devices all with the confidence of a local Product Expert. Our expert staff, focus on customer care and manufacturer partnerships has made SpinLife the leading Lifestyle Mobility Provider. Quite simply, the best of both worlds - personal service with unbeatable prices and a huge selection of products to meet our client's needs.

Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs offer exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces; like rotating in a circle to get from one activity to the next. Power chairs are designed for individuals who have difficulty using manual wheelchairs or have limited mobility in their upper body. Power chairs are controlled with a joystick and require hand dexterity. They promote independence and to ease activities of daily living (ADL's). Many Power Wheelchairs are highly configurable and can be customized for each individual client.

Power Chairs come in four general categories:

  • Travel Power Chairs are made to disassemble to easily fit into vehicles. Though Travel Scooters are generally more recognizable, Compact Travel Power Chairs are actually more suitable for in-home and in-facilty use. Their small turning radii and compact foot print make them easy to manuever around furniture, in elevators and to pull directly up to tables.
  • Full Size Power Chairs have heavier weight capacities, wider bases and need a vehicle lift to travel. Full Size power chairs are highly customizable and configurable to the indivual's needs.
  • Folding Power Chairs fold compactly and are great for travel. They come in varying weights to meet the user's needs.
  • Elevating Power Chairs have seats that raise and lower to reach cabinets and have conversations at eye-level.

SpinLife Professional Mobility Services has the breadth of products and expertise to create exceptional outcomes for personal mobility and independence to best fit your client's needs. Visit the SpinLife - New Caslte to experience a power wheelchair.

Manual Wheelchairs

From basic transport chairs, to bariatric compatible chairs, and all the way to fully customized ulta-lightweight chairs and sport chairs - SpinLife Professional Mobility Services has the right wheelchair to meet the needs of nearly every client. Our services include complete assembly, final fit adjustments and aftersale service and repair. Manual wheelchairs come in basic models that are pushed by a loved one or caregiver, or can be fully customizaed to fit the user perfectly.

Manual Power Assists

Power Assists are motorized wheels that attach to a wheelchair to give the user a 'boost' of power. They're perfect for going up urban city hills, travelling, or even just high carpet. These devices are newer to the market but have shown to reduce strain on shoulder muscles and arm fatigue. A Power Assits allows a full-time ultralight chair user the receive the benefits of independence of a manual chiar while balancing the exertion of everyday tasks. We carry the most popular brands like SmartDrive by Permobil, Alber and eMotion. The Experts at SpinLife Professional Mobility Services can help determine if a Power Assist is appropriate for your client.