Homecare and Safety Equipment

Our selection of Homecare and Safety products range from equipment designed for the bedroom, bathroom and all areas of the home where activities of daily living take place. Specifically meant to ensure safety for the user and caretakers alike, SpinLife Professional Mobility Services can help develop and implement a plan to keep clients in their own home where they are most comfortable and content. From the most basic of accessories like lap trays and transfer boards, to adjustable beds, lift chairs, and intricate room to room ceiling lifts - we can confidently provide the right solution to meet the needs of any client

Patient Ceiling Lifts

An integral part of the home care setting, patient lifts make transfers and ADL's easier while helping to eliminate injury to both the caregiver and patient. At SpinLife Professional Mobility Services, we carry a full selection of both traditional manual and battery powered lifts, as well as standing lifts. We offer a comprehensive variety of slings to meet specific needs. Our professional services includes delivery, complete assembly and product orientation. When more complex systems like room to room ceiling lifts or even pool lifts may be the option of choice, we have the expertise to evaluate the home for viability and then install the product to exact specification and layout.