Ramps are an affordable and practical solution for most people in need of assistance traversing steps at their home or place of business. Made from durable and strong aluminum, or flexible hard rubber compounds, they do not rust, nor require maintenance, and in many cases can be moved if necessary. Architechturally designed for a clean and modern look, our SpinLife Professional Mobility Services team will recommend a ramp solution custom fit for each situation based on the client's needs, budget and building layout. We have placed thousands of ramp solutions in the local area and we stand behind every installation. SpinLife features the best American made ramps from EZ Access, Harmar and National Ramp.


Modular Ramps

Configuarable for a specific space and application, Modular Ramp Systems are custom designed from lengths of ramps combined with platforms for turns; they can include railings and pickets as needed. Modular Ramps are suitable for installations ranging from 12 to 60 inches in height and can support up to 750 lbs. (up to 1,000 lbs for HD Commercial Applications). The SpinLife Professional Mobility Services team will evaluate each individual location, obtain permits if necessary, and custom install the ramp sytem to agreed upon specifications and layout. Since Modular Ramp systems allow greater heights to be reached over a longer distance they arr ideal for commercial applications that must meet ADA requirements.

Portable Ramps

Designed to be placed on and then removed, portable ramps can assist with occupied transit with up to 12 inches of rise. They can also be very useful in the unoccupied transit of power wheelchairs and scooters for rises above 12 inches. They can be used in multiple locations around the home and on the go. At the SpinLife Professional Mobility Services showroom, we have many lengths and folding configurations in stock ready to provide immediate accessibility.

Threshold Ramps

These stylish and convenient ramps are designed to minimize the obstruction of doorway thresholds. Made from either aluminum or hard rubber compound, they can be installed both on the inside and the outside of a home. Our SpinLife Professional Mobility Services team will work with each individual client and situation to determine the best solution to meet functional and aesthetic needs.