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Guide to Sling Patient Lifts

Sling Patient Lifts

Sling patient lifts feature a seating sling that encapsulates the user's upper and lower body as a hoist. Once the caregiver has the occupant elevated on the lift, wheels allow the occupied lift to be moved where needed within the home, transferring the occupant to a wheelchair, commode, or bath.

Characteristics of a sling patient lift:

  • Encapsulates user extremely securely
  • Requires no weight bearing or coordination of the occupant
  • Allows the occupant to be lifted from a prone position (or from a seated position)
  • Permits the use of a wide range of sling types, including those designed for use with commodes

A sling patient lift may be best if you need:

  • To lift the occupant from a prone position
  • To lift the occupant as encapsulated as possible due to lack of extremity use or spasticity

By Mark E. Smith

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