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What are the Different Vehicle Lift Types?

Boom Lifts

  • » Operate like a crane to lift the device using a reinforced strap and load it into the rear cargo area, side entry area or pickup truck bed
  • » May be used to load a compact scooter into the trunk of some sedans
  • » Easily bolt to the corner of the cargo area of most vehicles or the side door entry of vans
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Things to Consider
  • » Require wiring to car battery or selection of battery pacK
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Inside Platform Lifts

  • » Fully powered and require absolutely no effort
  • » Utilize existing third-row seat hardware. No drilling!
  • » Models available for SUVs and vans, including mini-vans
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Things to Consider
  • » Require wiring to the car battery or purchase of the optional battery pack
  • » Generally require at least 30 inches of headroom
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Outside Manual Platform Lifts

  • » Most economical solution
  • » Most outside manual platform lifts fold up against car when not in use
  • » Use "tie-down" straps to secure the scooter or power chair
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Things to Consider
  • » Require some manual effort to release ramp
  • » Do not swing out of the way for trunk access
  • » Require Class II or Class III hitch
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Outside Power Platform Lifts

  • » Require no physical labor to operate
  • » Mobility device is secured to the lift with either straps or an automatic hold-down bar (based on model)
  • » Fold out of the way against vehicle when not in use
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Things to Consider
  • » Require wiring to car battery or selection of battery pack
  • » Most offer a swing-away option for access to trunk
  • » Most require Class II or Class III hitch
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Vehicle Lift Types

Vehicle Lift Hitch Information

Vehicle Lifts and Hitches:

All outside lift models require the the vehicle have a hitch installed. The compatible hitch class is stated on the product detail page for each lift.

All outside lifts will work with either a Class II or Class III hitch, although you may require a hitch adaptor on certain models. You can select the appropriate hitch adaptor during the product customization process.

SpinLife also carries three lift models that will work with a Class I hitch.

Determine your Hitch Class:

Measure the width and height of your hitch receiver. The most common dimensions are:

  • 1 ¼ X 1 ¼ inch (Class I & II*)
  • 2 X 2 inch (Class III)

The hitch class should also be marked somewhere on your hitch.

*Class I and II hitch receivers have the same dimensions but are NOT interchangeable. Class I hitches have a lower weight capacity and more shallow receiver, incompatible with longer Class II shanks.

The Three Hitch Types:

Hitch Class Dimensions of Opening Common
Weight Capacity
(weight of lift + mobility device)
Class I 1 ¼ X 1 ¼ " Sub-Compact, Compact & Mid-Size 200 lbs
Class II 1 ¼ X 1 ¼ " Mid-Size Cars, Pickups, SUVs, Mini-Vans 300 lbs
Class III 2 X 1 2 " Full-Size Cars, Pickups, SUVs, Mini-Vans 500 lbs

Determining the Correct
Hitch for Your Vehicle:

Need a hitch for an outside lift but not sure which hitch will work on your car? We recommend you use U-Haul's handy hitch selection tool to find the hitch options available for your vehicle.

U-Haul Hitch Selection Tool  Hitch Finder >
Hitch Information

Vehicle Lift Installation Guide

Getting Ready

  1. Have the lift's power source wired to vehicle power supply
    (a battery pack is also an option, and requires no wiring)
  2. Attach docking device receiver to your mobility device's seat post

Installing Your Lift

  1. Have the base unit mounted to your vehicle by your mechanic or auto dealership
  2. Slide the vertical pole into the base unit
  3. Mount the boom arm on the vertical pole
  4. Load your mobility device -- that's it!
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Getting Ready

  1. Have the lift's power source wired to vehicle power supply

Installing Your Lift

  1. Mount the lift to the hardware for the third row of seating. If your vehicle requires a modification kit, one will be provided for you with your lift.
  2. Attach power source to lift
  3. Push the button to load your mobility device -- that's it!
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Getting Ready

  1. Ensure your hitch is installed and is compatible with the lift
  2. For Powered Lifts, have power source wired to vehicle power supply
    (a battery pack is also an option, and requires no wiring)

Installing Your Lift

  1. Slide the lift into the hitch and secure with hitch pin
  2. Attach power source (if necessary)
  3. Load and secure your mobility device -- that's it!
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Installation Guide
Narrow Your Results

Open Box Specials
SpinLife Nationwide Repair
We can diagnose or repair many types of mobility equipment, even if you don't buy from us!

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Lifts for Scooters

Prices Start at $299.00

Lifts for Scooters

If you have a mobility scooter that is not foldable or collapsible, a scooter lift can assist you in your travel needs. Spinlife carries several scooter lift designs: outside manual scooter lifts, outside powered scooter lifts and inside scooter lifts. We have a scooter lift to meet almost any travel need.

Our low prices starting at:

$299.00 FREE
View all
Lifts for Scooters

Lifts for Power Wheelchairs

Many power wheelchairs are not collapsible or transportable enough to be done without the assistance of a power wheelchair lift. Spinlife has the right selection of outside manual power chair lifts, outside powered power chair lifts and inside power chair lifts to meet your power wheelchair transporting needs. Whether you need a more economic option or something that takes little effort on the user’s part, Spinlife has what you need to stay on the go.

Our low prices starting at:

$299.00 FREE
View all
Lifts for Power Wheelchairs

Lifts for Manual Wheelchairs

Spinlife offers a wide selection of vehicle lifts for your manual wheelchair. We have more economical models and higher-end, powered models to ensure that your manual wheelchair gets to where you need it. Maintain your mobility on the go with our selection of lifts for manual wheelchairs.

Our low prices starting at:

$415.00 FREE
View all
Manual Wheelchair Lifts

Choices in Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts and scooter lifts can assist you in taking your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair in your car.  SpinLife carries a carefully chosen selection ranging from mechanical solutions (like this E-Z Carrier lift) to fully-assisted power models where you do nothing more than push a button (like the Silver Star Backpacker).  Some models carry your unit attached to a hitch on the back of your vehicle (like the Harmar Wheelchair Lift), while other models lift your mobility product into the trunk of your car or back of your van. Our SpinLife experts can help you to find the right model to meet your exact lifting needs.  Call us to help determine which model will work best for your vehicle, your mobility equipment and your physical capabilities. 



Common Questions

Which lift will work with my vehicle and my scooter or wheelchair?
Call our expert staff and tell us your vehicle make, model, and year, and the scooter or power wheelchair you plan to lift. We can tell you if the combination will work. If you place your order online, please note your vehicle and scooter or wheelchair information in the notes section during checkout and we will make sure the combination works before your order is shipped.


How do I install my scooter or wheelchair lift?

Installing Manual Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts:
Most manual wheelchair and scooter lifts can be installed yourself. Manual lifts, like the EZ Carrier line, slide into a hitch on the back of your vehicle.  Need a hitch? SpinLife recommends using U-Haul for hitch installation (click here to visit the U-Haul Hitch site).

Installing Power Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts:
Electrically-powered wheelchair and scooter lifts may require drilling into the trunk or storage space of the vehicle, or wiring the unit directly to the car battery, so SpinLife recommends that a reputable auto mechanic or location install the power car lifts. One exception is the BackPacker lift from Pride. It easily attaches to the third-row seat hardware in many mini-vans, and can be operated using a rechargeable battery, making it a snap to install yourself. Also, all Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts by Pride Mobility include the option of Expert Nationwide Installation, and SpinLife will coordinate the entire installation process.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Is shipping free?
Yes, if your order is over $50 it will ship for free. (Orders over $50 always ship for free everyday at SpinLife.)

What if something goes wrong?
SpinLife is here to support you throughout the life of your purchase. We honor all manufacturers' warranties. If you run into trouble, give us a call and we will get it taken care of for you.

What if I want to return my purchase?
SpinLife wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If it arrives and it is not what you thought or does not meet your needs, you are free to return it as long as it is in new condition and the original packaging. We require is that you pay freight and a 15% restocking fee to return the purchased item. Please see our Return Policy for complete details.

*Sales tax is applied to certain products shipped to the state of Ohio.

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