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Is walking up your stairs at home becoming too much to handle?  Then an easy-to-install stair lift might be a great option for your home. These units come custom cut to your specifications and you can choose from plug-in models and/or models that have battery back-up systems.  And with weight capacities available up to 500 pounds and outdoor models, there is a stair lift for almost every need.

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Stair Lifts

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Stair Lifts

Is constantly walking up and down stairs becoming a burden? A stair lift might be just what you need to keep your independence in your home. Spinlife has a great selection of easy-to-install stair lifts, which mount to the stairs (on either the left or right side). We feature direct power models and back-up battery models; allowing 15 to 20 trips per charge, even if the power goes out. With a few simple measurements, you can have a custom-fit stair lift into your home.

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Stair Lifts

Selecting a Stair Lift

How do stair lifts work?

Provide SpinLife with just a few easy measurements and we'll custom-cut the track to your specifications. The track mounts to the stairs, not the wall, and can be installed on either the right or left-hand side of your staircase. A minimum of a 29" wide stairway is needed to allow a 6' tall adult to use the lift comfortably. Every stair lift is equipped with built-in safety devices such as sensors on the footplate that recognize obstructions in the track and optional keyed systems that allow only the intended user to operate the lift.

Do you want a straight or curved stair lift?

Curved stair lifts are not available for online purchase. Please contact a stair lift dealer in your area. They are more complex, are completely custom to your staircase and cost in the $8,000- $15,000 range. Keeping that in mind, consider purchasing two straight lifts to handle a staircase with a landing. Just order one straight stair lift for each section and transfer from one unit to the other at the landing.

Back-Up Battery (DC) Models v. Direct Power (AC)

Choose a model with a battery back-up if there are frequent power outages in your area. These models will allow for 15-20 trips even when the power is out. Batteries need to be replaced every 2 years and cost less than $200 when purchased at SpinLife. Plug-in models are a good choice if you are making 20+ trips a day and you don't want to worry about replacing batteries.


All models sold by SpinLife are suitable for self-installation. It is estimated to take one handy person about 2 hours using common household tools including a drill and a screwdriver. Please keep in mind that even when self-installing, some states require that permits be obtained. All Summit Access stair lifts have the option of Nationwide* Professional Installation for a worry-free installation (the cost of installation does not cover any required permits or additional required electrical work). Just purchase your stair lift from SpinLife, and the professional technician will call you directly to schedule a convenient time to install your lift.


Your stair lift will be delivered by a freight company. You will receive a phone call from a freight company in your area once the lift has arrived locally, and they will work with you to schedule a delivery time that is convenient.

Stair lifts come in three boxes: 1. The track. 2: The motor. 3: The seat. Because these units are delivered via freight, they are not eligible for expedited delivery. The units ship within 2-3 business days since the track must be cut to order, and they usually take 3-5 business days to arrive.

Common Questions

Will I be charged sales tax?

Is shipping free?
Yes, if your order is over $50 it will ship for free. (Orders over $50 always ship for free everyday at SpinLife.)

What if something goes wrong?
SpinLife is here to support you throughout the life of your purchase. We honor all manufacturers' warranties in full. If you have a problem, we will work closely with you and the manufacturer to solve the issue.

What if I want to return my purchase?

Because stair lift tracks are custom cut to your measurements, they are non-returnable. Please measure carefully and if you have any questions or need any help, please contact us. Please see our Return Policy for complete details.

*Sales tax is applied to certain products shipped to the state of Ohio