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Spinlife.com is the country's largest internet retailer of manual wheelchairs. We offer all the top brands and models at the best prices you will find anywhere, guaranteed. You'll find wheelchairs from Drive, Invacare, Quickie, TiLite, and more. From lightweight transport chairs to Top End handcycles, you won't find a better selection anywhere. And with our expert staff, safe online checkout and great return policy you can feel confident buying your wheelchair from SpinLife.

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1. Seat Width

Seat width is measured at the widest part of the body below the waist plus one inch to ensure ease of movement in the chair. To measure, sit in a chair or flat surface with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Find the widest part of your hip/thigh area and measure straight across. To ensure correct measurement, we suggest placing a book on either side of the widest part of your thigh and measuring from book to book.
Note: Seat width will impact the overall width of the chair. You will also want to measure your doorways to ensure your chair will fit in your home.
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2. Wheelchair Weight

A lightweight chair is significantly easier for a user to propel and for a caregiver to push and lift. A few pounds makes a big difference when it comes to chair weight.

3. Quick Remove Wheels

A wheelchair with quick release axles gives you the ability to quickly detach the large rear wheels from the chair for easy transportation.
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A lightweight chair is significantly easier for a user to propel and for a caregiver to push and lift. A few pounds makes a big difference when it comes to chair weight.
You can customize your chair to perfectly fit your needs. Customizing makes your chair more comfortable and easier to operate. At the most basic level, with affordable lightweight chairs, you can select your chair width, arm and legrest options, backrest height and angles, and tire types, such as solid or air-filled. The most customizable ultralightweight chairs allow you to select each and every component and have them custom fit to your exact size.
Quick Release
A wheelchair with quick release axles gives you the ability to quickly detach the large rear wheels from the chair for easy transportation.
Self-Propelled wheelchairs can be moved by the user while sitting in the chair. Other non-self-propelled (Transport) wheelchairs require the assistance of an attendant. All self-propelled manual wheelchairs have a larger rear wheel and hand rims.
Transport: Perfect for transferring a person for short trips. Must be pushed by an attendant. Transport chairs do not offer enough support for anything more than short term use.

Part-Time: Okay for occasional use but lack of customization and support features can make them uncomfortable for full-time use.

All-Day: Chairs are customizable and comfortable for all-day sitting, especially when paired with an appropriate cushion.

Active All-Day: Fully customizable and ideal for all-day use and self-maneuvering during active, everyday life.
Transport 16 - 45 lbs Transport
Standard 35 - 41 lbs Part - Time
Lightweight 28 - 36 lbs All-Day
Ultralightweight 14 - 27 lbs Active All-Day
Wheelchair Types


Tracer EX2
  • A quality wheelchair
    at a low price
  • Fixed armrests
    and legrests
4.5 stars


Breezy Ultra 4 Quick-Ship
  • Quick release axles
  • Swing-away removable
  • Chrome frame
4.5 stars


Invacare Veranda
  • Quick release axles
  • Nylon upholstery
  • 16", 18" or
    20" seat
4.5 stars
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"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help throughout the process of me acquiring a wheelchair. Your attitude and willingness to help is awesome. But most of all thanks for your honest opinion. If not for that, I'd be rolling around in a horrible pink wheelchair!

Thank you for working with me in making sure that the chair would arrive in time for me to have it when I returned to work this past January. All of the calls to Quickie and to me in the Bahamas are truly appreciated. You went above and beyond, and I thank you.

I also have to thank you for handling the most recent situation for me also. After speaking with you on Monday and you ordering the new wheel for me. I had prepared to have to adapt my responsibilities at work until the wheel arrived on Thursday. But that turned out not to be necessary. Because, to my surprise, on Tuesday morning a package arrived via UPS for me with the wheel kit. Thanks again for making the necessary calls to work things out for me so quickly."

-Kimberly S.

  • Weighs 16-45 pounds
  • Propelled By Companion
  • Folds for Transport
  • Weighs >35 pounds
  • Occasional Use
  • Folds for Transport
  • Weighs 28-36 pounds
  • Expanded Options
  • Folds for Transport
  • Weighs 14-27 pounds
  • High Performance
  • Rigid and Folding
  • For users over 250 lbs.
  • Folding and Reclining
  • Court chairs & handcycles
  • Sport and recreational use
  • Many options
  • Variety of tilt ranges
  • Expanded seating options
  • Wheelchairs and strollers
  • Wide range of users
  • Multiple positioning
  • Reclining back
  • Folds for transport
  • Multiple options
  • Comes in multiple color options
  • Durable fabric
  • Economy to Deluxe
  • Large and Small Wheels
  • Wheels and Handrims
  • Pouches and Packs

Selecting a Wheelchair

Looking for a wheelchair for quick trips to the store or to get you out on the court?  You have come to the right place.  SpinLife.com is the #1 provider of mobility products on the internet and has the selection and expertise to help get you the wheelchair you need at a price that beats anything around.  There are a lot of choices out there when choosing a manual wheelchair, including transport wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, ultralightweight wheelchairs and more.  Making sure you get one that fits your needs and your budget is what we are experts at.  The following brief descriptions should help get you on your way:

Transport Wheelchairs

With four small wheels and lightweight frames, transport wheelchairs are the perfect choice for transporting someone to and from the house or around the mall.  A transport wheelchair is narrower than a standard wheelchair, making it a good choice for tight hallways and narrow doorways around the house.  Some great choices include Invacare and Nova wheelchairs.

Standard Weight Wheelchairs

With weights starting at 35 pounds, a standard weight wheelchair is the perfect choice when you need a wheelchair that will be used less than four hours per day, but needs to be self-propelled.  A full selection is available from the most basic models with fixed legrests and armrests to wheelchairs that have elevating legrests and removable armrests.  There are also models with a "hemi" height option.  This option allows you to lower the seat-to-floor height and remove the legrests so that the user can use their feet to help propel the chair.  All standard weight wheelchairs fold for easy transport and storage.  Consider a foam cushion for additional comfort.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

With weights ranging from 28-34 pounds, a lightweight wheelchair is a great choice when you need a wheelchair that will be used more frequently, when you need special options, or when you have your heart set on a specific frame and upholstery color combination.  This category covers it all, with lightweight wheelchairs starting as low as $199 to wheelchairs that are available with a full range of options including an adjustable angle back, wild frame colors, pneumatic (air-filled) tires, a wide range of seating sizes and heights, and multiple legrests and armrest choices.  Some great lightweight wheelchair choices include Quickie and Invacare wheelchairs.

"Easy Order" Lightweight Wheelchairs

These lightweight chairs have the benefit of being lighter than a standard wheelchair but are in an easy-to-order format.  Ordering from this category only requires a few decisions and your new wheelchair will be on its way to you in 1-2 business days. 

"Custom" Lightweight Wheelchairs
As the name implies, these wheelchairs are custom.  These lightweight wheelchairs offer a wider selection of measurements, colors and options.  These wheelchairs are for a user who has both a need for lighter wheelchair and also a wheelchair that has more custom options, such as a non-standard seat-to-floor height or back height.  These wheelchairs meet very specific needs and are custom built by the manufacturer.  They take a little longer to get out the door and are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee if returned.

Ultralightweight Wheelchairs

With wheelchair weights as low as 14 pounds and available in both rigid and folding models, an ultralightweight wheelchair is for the full-time advanced user who demands performance and for those who want the lightest chair possible for ease of use and transport. Our expert staff members can help you to select and configure the perfect ultralightweight wheelchair to meet your needs.  Some great choices include TiLite wheelchairs and Quickie wheelchairs.  Shop online, or call and ask to talk to a SpinMaster product expert at 1-800-850-0335. 

Sport Wheelchairs

Whether you want to take it to the hoop or to the mountains, this category covers it all.  With wheelchairs for everything, from tennis and basketball to handcycles, we can get you the right equipment for whatever pastime you choose.

Tilt/Recline Wheelchairs

A reclining back is a great option for those who spend the majority of their time in a wheelchair as it offers more positions.  A tilt wheelchair offers alternative positioning and pressure relief for those who are unable to re-position themselves.  Both of these options add weight to the wheelchair, so keep this in mind if easy transport is a concern.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

With weight capacities ranging from 300 to 850 pounds, these heavy duty wheelchairs can accommodate nearly any user.  SpinLife carries a full range of heavy duty wheelchairs, from economical bariatric transport chairs, to complex highly-configurable models.

Common Questions

How do I buy a manual wheelchair from Spinlife?

Just configure your manual wheelchair online after clicking the "Build Online" button, or call our experienced SpinMaster product experts at 1-800-850-0335 to help you build the perfect wheelchair today!

Will I be charged sales tax?


Is shipping free?

Yes, standard ground shipping is FREE for all manual wheelchairs. (Orders over $50 always ship for free everyday at SpinLife.)

What happens if I need repairs or parts for my manual wheelchair?

SpinLife is here to support you through the complete sale. This includes helping you with any problems that may come up after you receive your manual wheelchair.  SpinLife honors all manufacturer warranties on the products we sell.  Call us at 1-800-850-0335 and tell us what you need.  If the part is covered by warranty we will send it to you at no charge.  If it is not covered by the manufacturers warranty we will make it available to you at a fair price...just like everything else we sell.

What happens if I want to return my manual wheelchair?

Here at SpinLife, we want you to be completely satisfied with your wheelchair purchase.  If your manual wheelchair arrives and it is not what you expected or needed, you can return it within 30 days as long as it is unused (tires are clean and no scratches) and in its original packaging.  You would be financially responsible for shipping charges to return the wheelchair.  The two exceptions to this are custom lightweight wheelchairs, which will incur a 15% restock fee, and ultralightweight and sport wheelchairs, which are non-returnable as they are manufactured to order.  If the wheelchair arrives damaged or is not what you ordered, SpinLife will arrange for freight and for shipping you an undamaged or corrected unit.

*Sales tax is applied to certain products shipped to the state of Ohio.