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SpinLife's Guide to Transport Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchairs

For those needing part-time assisted mobility by a caregiver for trips to the doctor, shopping, and such, a transport wheelchair is the ideal solution. Designed to easily stow in the smallest of automobile trunks, transport wheelchairs weight from 13 lbs. to 30 lbs., based on model, and collapse to a remarkably small, easy to handle size.

Transport wheelchairs are available in 3 categories:

A transport wheelchair may be best if you need:

  • A caregiver assisted wheelchair
  • A wheelchair for short trips, such as to the doctor's
  • A wheelchair that's very easy to lift and stow in automobile trunks
  • An exceptionally affordable wheelchair

A transport wheelchair may not be best if you need:

  • A wheelchair that the user can self-propel
  • A wheelchair for extended use, such as in the home for long periods each day
  • A wheelchair that's highly adjustable

In selecting a transport wheelchair, important aspects to consider are:

  • Select a model with a weight capacity that's above or equal to the user's weight
  • Determine if the lifting weight of the transport wheelchair is an issue for the caregiver, and decide whether standard or lightweight is appropriate (a young caregiver may have no problem lifting a 30 lb. transport wheelchair into a trunk; however, an elderly spouse may wish a 19 lb. transport wheelchair for easier lifting)
  • Transport wheelchairs are available with 8" or 12" rear wheels, with 12" wheels offering slightly better outdoor performance, but requiring more space for transport

By Mark E. Smith

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