SpinLife Lift Chair Service Contracts

2-Years In-Home Diagnostics, Labor and Repairs

SpinLife In-Home Service Contracts

In-Home Service Contracts cover labor costs to repair your Lift Chair with replacement parts that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Review this product’s parts warranty by clicking on the Warranty Tab.  If you experience an issue, call us and we will help you.  Once we diagnose the issue and are unable to fix your Lift Chair over the phone, we will order warranty parts for you and send a certified technician to your home, when required, to repair your Lift Chair. 

Please note: Service contracts do not extend the warranty of replacement parts.  Service contracts do not cover product maintenance, adjustments, calibrations, product return services or product repairs parts are not cover under the manufacturer’s warranty, except for chair frames and lift/recline mechanisms.  If you have a service agreement and need to purchase new chair frames and lift/recline mechanisms to fix your Lift Chair, your In-Home Service Contract will cover the labor.

One-Time Service Calls

If you do not have an In-Home Service Contract or had one and it expired, we can still help you with your repair needs.  We not only sell replacement parts but also offer labor services which covers diagnostics, repairs, and other Lift Chair services as needed.  The per-visit labor contract costs $249.  Additional fees will apply if you are located greater than 50 miles from our closest certified technician.



3-Years In-Home Diagnostics, Labor and Repairs