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Hoyer Deluxe Power Lifter

Hoyer Deluxe Power Lifter
List Price: $2,627.00
You Save: $251.00

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  • FREE Sling with Purchase!
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Compatible with 4-point, 6-point or chain-style slings
  • 3" dual casters and ergonomic handles for easier movement
  • Adjustable U-base for stability
  • Leg guards and caster bumpers prevent damage to surroundings
  • Reverse-mounted actuator for increased knee clearance
  • Manual release for emergencies


  • Hoyer Deluxe Power Lifter

    4.5 out of 5 stars
    5 star - 60%
    4 star - 33%
    3 star - 6%
    Ease of Use
    Meets Expectations
    1. The directions were hard to understand. - Hide Review
      • 5/5 Features
      • 4/5 Quality
      • 4/5 Ease of Use
      • 2/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: mary m. from frankford, de (caregiver)

      User Details: 87, 200 pounds and I cannot walk.

      Strengths: The product.

      Weaknesses: The directions and screws that were enclosed were both difficult.

      Reviewed on 09/13/2017

    2. Study, reliable piece of equipment. - Hide Review
      • 4/5 Features
      • 4/5 Quality
      • 4/5 Ease of Use
      • 4/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: glenna s. from bristow, va

      User Details: 80+ year old, non-ambulatory female. Staff use product.

      Strengths: Sturdy. Ease of use.

      Weaknesses: The bar for widening the legs does not move very easily.

      Reviewed on 07/13/2017

    3. A very nice product - Hide Review
      • 4/5 Features
      • 4/5 Quality
      • 3/5 Ease of Use
      • 4/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: roger p. from canon city, co

      User Details: I am a 54 year old male who is a paraplegic. I also have weak right arm and diminished lung capacity due to a car crash.

      Strengths: Adjust-ability, mattress.

      Weaknesses: Weight.

      Reviewed on 06/27/2017

    4. Correct sling is key to proper use. - Hide Review
      • 4/5 Features
      • 5/5 Quality
      • 2/5 Ease of Use
      • 4/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: james c. from bolingbrook, il

      User Details: 6'8" 240 lbs., 74 year old retired, male with MS.

      Strengths: Design is great. Instructions to put together were less then weak.

      Weaknesses: Instructions to put together were not clear or well explained.

      Reviewed on 08/14/2016

    5. I would have to tell them that the base spread is not... - Hide Review

      I would have to tell them that the base spread is not electric.

      • 4/5 Features
      • 5/5 Quality
      • 4/5 Ease of Use
      • 4/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: betty l. from opelika, al

      User Details: I use this lift on my husband and so does a caregiver. Patient is 84 and is not walking since developing severe infection around L-4 vertebrae

      Strengths: Good balance, smooth lift, easy wheel locks, easy to guide patient

      Weaknesses: The extension cord connection to the lift is too delicate. It is always coming out of lift.

      Reviewed on 08/28/2013

    6. (No headline provided) - Hide Review
      • 4/5 Features
      • 5/5 Quality
      • 3/5 Ease of Use
      • 4/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: frederick g. from east greenich, ri (caregiver)

      User Details: Ms parapleic 80 years old

      Strengths: Ruggedness

      Weaknesses: Battery charge wires become disconnected easily

      Reviewed on 10/21/2012

    7. Electric is the way to go! - Hide Review
      • 3/5 Features
      • 4/5 Quality
      • 5/5 Ease of Use
      • 5/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: lisa t. from lawrence, ks (caregiver)

      User Details: 76 year old woman with MS who's been unable to move herself for 20years

      Strengths: Very smooth movement both when pushing around and for the patient going up and down

      Weaknesses: Charging cord is very short and if your patient is tall when the arm is fully extended the patient is very close to the main support. We don't have to ever raise it that high but just thought you'd like to know

      Reviewed on 01/29/2012

    8. Good product. Wish we had ordered one with weight scale. - Hide Review
      • 4/5 Features
      • 4/5 Quality
      • 4/5 Ease of Use
      • 4/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: william f. from rock port, mo

      User Details: Physical disability associated with surgery. As a bilateral bk amputee, sternum precautions following open heart surgery limit mobility.

      Strengths: Ease of operation.

      Weaknesses: Slings are tricky to figure out at first. Need more instruction perhaps to indicate best strap position for seated position.

      Reviewed on 09/17/2011

    9. Great for the price! - Hide Review
      • 4/5 Features
      • 4/5 Quality
      • 3/5 Ease of Use
      • 4/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: joyce m. from pikesville, md (caregiver)

      User Details: The product makes it easy to move my husband to his wheelchair.

      Strengths: The easy use of the product and the price of the product in comparison to the same product offered by other companies.

      Weaknesses: Not provided

      Reviewed on 07/16/2011

    10. It does what it is supposed to, very well. - Hide Review
      • 4/5 Features
      • 4/5 Quality
      • 5/5 Ease of Use
      • 4/5 Meets Expectations

      Reviewer: silas k. from belleville, ks (caregiver)

      User Details: I am a 70 y/o heart attack survivor. Wife is 190#, wheelchair bound, no upper body strength. If not for the patient lift system, she would have to b

      Strengths: Good strong steel components. Well designed slings. Base expands from 24" to 36" or so - can reach outside wheel chair or toilet and be closed up to go through narrow doorways. Very stable even when closed up with 200# person in the sling. Large wheels so it rolls well on carpet. Can go low enough to lift a patient lying flat on the floor and raise them high enough to place on any bed - well, perhaps not the upper bunk bed, but any reasonable bed. Once you get around the poor user manual, the system is very easy to use and maintain.

      Weaknesses: The battery charger has a clip on the bottom front edge that clips to the main post of the lift. The battery has a clip on the front top edge to clip to the main post of the lift and sits on top of the charger. There really isn't anything to hold them together, so they immediately fold like a '>' symbol, then the clips let them fall out. An 'Ace' bandage wrapped a few turns around the battery / charger junction and the main lift post will solve the problem. The owner / user manual sucks. It's awful and surely results in a huge number of phone calls to Hoyer's or Spinlife's service departments. I am considering writing an owner's manual for it and then submitting it to Hoyer.

      Reviewed on 01/17/2011


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