Why Buy Online? It's Fast, Secure & Easy!

Ordering a complex and expensive item like a wheelchair or mobility scooter online can seem like a scary thing to do, but don't worry. At SpinLife, we guarantee that your online order will be placed quickly, your personal information will be protected, and your experience with SpinLife will be easy and enjoyable.

Buying Online is Fast!

Placing your order online is the fastest way to guarantee your purchase will be ordered and delivered to you as soon as possible. Plus, when you shop at SpinLife you can rest assured that your order is not only placed quickly, but is reviewed by one of our customer service representatives for any potential errors or conflicts. If there is any doubt, we will call or email you to insure that the order is perfect before your item is shipped. This extra step is what sets SpinLife.com apart. Order with confidence!

Buying Online is Secure!

You can trust that your online transaction with SpinLife.com is secure and any data you provide during the checkout process is protected. SpinLife uses the latest security measures to ensure that you are safe from hackers and that any personal information you provide is encrypted. We test our site's security on a daily basis to ensure your security.

When you purchase online from SpinLife, you can feel secure knowing you selected the country's largest direct-to-consumer retailer of durable medical equipment. We've been online since 1999, and we have sold more than 250,000 products worldwide.

Buying Online is Easy!

Checking out online at SpinLife.com is fast and easy. Simply add an item to your cart, click the orange Proceed to Checkout button, provide your shipping and payment information and you're done!

After your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email that your order was received and another email when your order ships. You can check the status of your order at any time by clicking on the My Account link on SpinLife.com.