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Our Customers Speak For Us...

Thank you Ronnie. My new wheelchair came on Wednesday, and Fed Ex picked up the old one today. Your company certainly takes care of its customers with no hassle at all. I'll recommend you to anyone needing your equipment.

- Linda B.
I personally want to thank you for the customer service you gave me in getting my scooter fixed. The technician you sent “Edward” was polite and quick to fix my scooter. Your company is the best!

- Guy R
I'm writing this letter to let you know about a young man that is a part of your SpinLife family. He is Caleb Carter and I've been ordering several things, one being a lift chair. I knew nothing about the lift chair except that it helps people like me get in and out easier. He not only answered all my questions but made me aware of things I had not even thought of. I am now looking at a travel scooter to buy and know if I go through Caleb I will get what I want without feeling like I was sold a scooter that is more than I really needed. Caleb listens and then suggests exactly what I should have. This goes for all my purchases, large and small. You have a very kind and courteous young man there and I wanted to let you know how pleased this customer is. Thank you for hearing me out. Very satisfied

- Linda K
Greg, I just want to say thank you! My new wheelchair has made my life so easy, so much better. It is so comfortable, and it is one tough chair! I put it thru its works around here- I’ve been building a garden shed for my wife these days. You are very intelligent and appreciate your professional input in choosing this chair. I give you and the chair 5 stars, Thanks, Buddy!

- Walter B
We ordered our mobility scooter on Monday evening Aug 7th. (Phil, the man who helped us, was GREAT!!) I got a call from the shipping company on Friday the 11th that our box had arrived and he asked if we minded if it was delivered on Monday. Yes, we got it by 10:30 on Monday Aug 14th!! It is really great, my husband 'drove' it up to my work 1.1 miles away the very next day for a gathering we were having at the Skilled Nursing Facility where I work as an RN. It is the first time he has been able to be out “under his own power” for two years. Thanks again for your part in returning him his independence!

- Sherri B.
I rarely write emails or letters expressing either disappointment or approval of a company or particular employee. I do however this time feel compelled to share with you how well Caleb Carter addressed all my issues and concerns. One of my pet peeves is when I call, leave a message and the person I am attempting to contact never returns my call. I am pleased to report that my dealings with Caleb was just the opposite. I placed several calls to SpinLife and left a message for Caleb. Caleb returned my call every time and showed a great deal of patience with the many questions I had. The one issue we had, Caleb went out of his way to help me and solved the issue. I ended up purchasing the Go-Go Elite Traveller and feel confident if I have any questions or concerns Caleb will be there to help me. If, more companies had employees like Caleb, doing business would be more of a pleasure rather than a challenge. Thank You, Caleb. Dan D

- Dan D.
Just wanted you to know how pleased I was to receive this product today. I placed my order two days ago, fully expecting to wait days and maybe even weeks for the delivery. I could not believe that it arrived today! Thank you so much for the quality of the product,, the price, and fast delivery!! You can be sure I will spread the word... Have a happy and safe 4th...I know I will, now that I have my new wheelchair!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Roselyne
I can’t tell you how thankful to SpinLife and their customer service department I am. I couldn’t ask for better treatment because there is none. SpinLife solved my dilemma in a fast, courteous and professional way. SpinLife is not just a company that sells handicapped supplies and equipment, they care about their customers and go the extra mile- this is not the way most companies work nowadays. My customer service person, Trisha, was really pleasant and a real professional and I thank her immensely. On a scale of 1 – 10 Trisha and SpinLife are a 12!”

- Ron B.
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge an example of "excellent" customer service from your representative Mr. Greg Morris. Selecting a wheelchair to most would seem like a basic task - but indeed, it is not. I have a parent who is wheelchair bound and height, seat size, style of materials and such become important details. Your employee not only spent quality time with me but exhibited the most important quality in customer service.... kindness. It was clear to me from the beginning that it was important to Mr. Morris we selected the correct chair to meet my need. It's rare these days to feel like your business matters. The Internet makes it simple to order just about anything on-line but it's missing one crucial element, human interaction. As a small business owner of nearly 30 years I recognize outstanding service in your employee Mr. Greg Morris. I am grateful that Greg was on the other end of my call as I truly felt I was talking with a friend.

- Susan M.
I am 60 years of age with COPD. I hadn't slept in a bed in eight years until we got the reverie 8Q, this bed has changed my life! One of the best purchases I have ever made.

- David K.
Ned and I would like to thank Spinlife management for helping us with our Karman Wheelchair order. Especially, we most appreciated the heartfelt help of our sales rep, Ronnie. She went beyond the call of duty, always calling us back promptly, etc. What a pleasure to work with such a nice and helpful lady. You are blessed to have her on your team.

- Nancy F
I just wanted to write you about one of your workers. His name is Tim. I have called numerous times and each he was so pleasant He called me back in a timely manor, always pleasant and extremely helpful to any problems I was encountering. If more companies had a lot of employees like Tim the companies in the USA would be doing a better job. Thanking you in advance!

- Sandy H.
“OMG....WHAT A GREAT ADDITION TO MY LIFE THIS SCOOTER HAS BEEN!!! I JUST NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE MY SOLUTION TO BEING OFF MY FEET....AND IT IS AFFORDABLE!!! LESS THAN $800. NOT ONLY THAT IT EVEN LOOKS LIKE CORVETTE FROM THE BACK! sorta.....anyway it is everything advertised, very well built, and sturdy, also has a large comfortable seat. Nick was wonderful in helping me believe in his product when I ordered my scooter. Then there is Rochelle who gave me the info to email my provider and share a laugh with me concerning my tech handicap. She was great too. I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! GO FOR IT

- Nancy A.
Phil, you interpreted my needs superbly. The chair exceeded my already high expectations. It arrived yesterday, was very well packed and yet easy to set up, and passed the trial run without a glitch. You are making it difficult for the HME's to compete, certainly in price, but also on upfront sales expertise and service. Thanks, Frank

- Frank M.
I just wanted to let you know I received my scooter the other day, it is totally awesome and I love it! It is well built, I am having lots of fun driving it around- I've even tricked it out a little bit- put some eagles on it and such. I honestly don't think I could have picked a better model, I want to thank Tim for all his help, and say again the scooter is totally awesome.

- Blue S.
Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your attention to detail and how quickly my order was shipped! This is what keeps firms in business. Keep up the OUTSTANDING work! You have a lifetime referral! Thanks again, Rich

- Rich S.
In today's world of shrinking walk-in box stores with live people to talk to about buying their products, our choices have changed drastically with the internet which brings us together with people who are miles away in a warehouse or wherever and many times offering better pricing than our local businesses. Of course there are pros and cons for both processes. I believe face to face, touch, visuals, and personal communication are important. But when it comes down to buying something that means so much for my parent's comfort like a lift chair, it's the people that I meet personally or by phone, who "choose" to be so helpful that price becomes less of an issue and the knowledge, patience and sincerity about their products they provide become the reasons for me to decide to make that purchase. Nick did all of these and more, and did it very, very well. I plan to buy a second chair and I am glad I only have to dial one number and ask for Nick now. No more internet searching and time wasting calls. Thanks Nick! Talk to you soon!

- Rick W.
Joe, you were so correct about me loving my new scooter, I went to one of our local malls the other day. I was stopped by several people, each one of them said, “That is so cool, where did you get that- it looks just like a little Harley.” One lady stopped and asked for a ride. Joe, I have had three scooters, none of them were as comfortable as this one this is definitely the Cadillac of all scooters. Thank you again for helping me make the right choice!

- W.G.T.
I wanted to let you know about the service I recently received from Annette. First of all, each time I spoke with her, she was pleasant and conscientious. Annette was extremely helpful in 'our hunt' for a replacement part for an older lift chair. When trying to get help and information in this area (taking care of my aging parents), it is very helpful when a person like Annette is there to assist in the hunt! Your company is lucky to have an employee like Annette. Having people like Annette, makes my efforts to help my aging parents, much easier. Hats off to Annette.

- Laura M.
SpinLife is head and shoulders above the competition and everyone that has been involved in my order (I don’t know all of their names) have been professional and customer focused. I placed an order for batteries with a competitor. After two weeks and no product I called to find out where my order was. It seemed they were on backorder for 6 weeks. I cancelled, and called Spinlife. What a difference in customer service! My sales person was Joanne. She was extremely helpful and understood my frustration with the delays that I had experienced. SpinLife had the batteries I wanted in stock and was able to process and ship my order in one day.

- Daniel O.
Thank you so much for your wonderful product! I have been saddled with an auto immune illness and looked everywhere for a product that was in my price range. Everything else was so expensive. This product is fantastic -the Oasis LC-580 infinite position. Because of it the pain is so much less, I am able to walk better, and it’s just phenomenal. Every single person I spoke to has just been bubbly and kind. I am an ex-military nurse and geriatric nurse. I don’t know who your trainers are but they are fantastic- I wish I could have borrowed them. There is just an enormous difference in your customer relations you all ought to be congratulated. If you ever need a spokesperson I am it. My God has this made a difference in my life! Thank you so very, very much.

- April H.
Our SpinLife representative, Greg has helped us several times with diagrams, over-the-phone detailed instructions on measuring for a wheelchair, discussions of pros and cons of various type tires, seats, armrests, explanations of terminology, etc. He was able to fit my loved one into a chair that fits like a glove and covers the type surfaces we need to cover. The chair has been durable, extremely well-made, and arrived in perfect condition. Greg is responsive, experienced, personable, knowledgeable, and a very patient, helpful representative. He is easy to understand in his emails as well. SpinLife has saved us a lot of money and helped us when we did not know where to turn for advice. We've been 100 % happy with SpinLife and very thankful to Greg. I recommend them with confidence!”

- Sallie C
I want to thank you for this chair! I can't believe how quickly it came. The chair is outstanding. Sturdy, sooooo very easy to push and turn. I can use it on my hardwood floors with confidence because the wheels are so smooth. I can't say enough about this chair. I love that it has the seat belt and folds so easily to put in the car. My husband has Alzheimer’s, and this is just what I needed to keep him safe He has been having seizures and I never know when. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for this wonderful chair, and to Melanie for answering all my questions about a tray for the chair. So very grateful Louise W

- Louise W
I received help today from Phil, assisting us with purchasing a Quickie 2. We tried several times with many companies to assist us, and when we finally got Phil on the phone, we felt as though someone, finally, took the time to help us order the exact wheelchair we needed. His courtesy and care for the customer is amazing! I don't ever email regarding customer service, so this is a 5 star rating for Phil! Jim and Tina D.

- Jim and Tina D.
I felt I needed to call you. I ordered a Relaxer Maxi-Comfort Lift chair from Lenny yesterday and low and behold to my surprise - and I’m very pleased - it was delivered already today! I’ve never had anything happen like this before and I wanted to call and complement you. This is way over and above anything I’ve ever experienced, especially over the internet. I wanted to thank you, and I appreciate it very much!”

- Robert H
I am 58 years old, Born disabled. I have had two scooters before I got the one from SpinLife. My last scooter was dying and my wonderful son Daniel bought me my Afiscooter . I love my Afiscooter C 4. She drives so smooth and I love the speed. I recommend SpinLife to anyone who's looking to buy a scooter, they have an A+ with the better business bureau. The scooter specialist that helped me is Phil, at ex. 778. He is very knowledgeable, very friendly and very helpful. He helped me from step A to Z and getting my new scooter. Had a problem and Phil solved it within a matter of an hour.I am very pleased with SpinLife and with Phil! Thank you!

- Linda G.
It has been my pleasure to order a wheelchair from Connie at SpinLife. She is the nicest, most honest, and knowledgeable person that I have dealt with for a long time. Especially online. I will be ordering more items that I will be needing and you can be assured that it will be with Connie and SpinLife. I have chosen to buy from SpinLife rather then get these items from Medicare for free! Thank you very much-

- Gregg S.
I just wanted to thank SpinLife again for all of the help you gave and let you know I love my new Q7! I haven’t needed my old wheelchair since! The J3 Back is awesome and the Jay GO cushion is quite comfortable. I like the rubberized covering, as it helps prevent the slipping issues I had with the previous cushion. Now I have a very supportive and smooth ride with the Jay back and cushion combo! The handling of the Q7 is great. The height and length of the chair is just perfect; now I have full reach opening doors and picking things off the floor. I’m so pleased about everything. Thank you to Phil for spending the time with me to work over all the details to make my Q7 an awesome wheelchair! Take care!

- Eric C.
I certainly wanted to take the time to call and say “Thank you” for the great service that Joey provided! He was so helpful, patient and nice. The experience was life changing. I really couldn’t say enough good things about Joey and SpinLife.

- Beverly C.
Your Sales Rep, Kip was so helpful in our purchase of the 9000 XT Custom Wheelchair. We searched online, called the manufacturer themselves and visited a local medical equipment provider and were still unsure about vital details regarding my wife’s new chair. When Kip began working with us, all of the questions we had were answered and a wheelchair fit for my wife’s needs was ordered! Until working with SpinLife, we were not able to determine the right specifications. We want to say thank you for assisting us in a courteous and professional manner!

- Thomas H.
We had our SpinLife lift installed just last week. It seems to work wonderfully so far! We will be using it more after the winter snow starts in place of our modified van, which is not practical for the snow. We are so happy to have a solution to this problem now. Thank you for your knowledgeable help in making this choice!

- Edith E.
Thank you so much for you excellent service. In the last 14 years of being a caregiver, to my wife of 41 years, we have found that service in this industry is nonexistent. When I made my first call to SpinLife, I was taken care in a royal manner and the email follow up makes me feel special. A customer for life. Thank you Mike

- Mike P.
I would like to thank all those at Spinlife for their help and understanding in handling my order. I made several mistakes in placing the order but didn''t realize it until the order was filled. Without hesitation or question, YOU folks corrected the errors I made. This was done promptly and efficiently. So among your list of happy customers, count me in. Thanks again

- John J.
My husband and I purchased two of these chairs from SpinLife.com in late 2014, and I have been meaning to let you know how wonderful the Brisa fabric has held up. I was a little concerned when we received our chairs and saw how soft and supple this fabric was. We have two cats (both have their claws), and I was worried that their claws might tear/ruin the fabric. It has been about five months since we received the chairs, and the fabric is still in perfect shape. I have noticed that when our cats occasionally jump onto the arms or backs of the chairs, they leave claw marks in the fabric, but within a few seconds, the holes “magically” close up, leaving no sign of the claw marks – SIMPLY AMAZING!! The Brisa fabric is also incredibly easy to wipe clean. I wanted to let your future customers who may have this same concern know that they need not worry. In addition, my 76 year old husband, who has Parkinson’s and is extremely weak in the legs, has found the lift feature to be very helpful to him in getting in and out of the chair. We could not be happier with our decision to purchase these particular chairs in the Brisa fabric! Thanks very much, Jan E

- Jan E.
I ordered my ROHO cushion on a Thursday and got it the next Tuesday. Great! I thought the cushion might be too big, but it's a perfect fit! After sitting on the cushion for a few hours, I realized that this is the best cushion I've used in the 45 years as a quadriplegic. I know that if I had used this cushion from the start, I'd have no pressure sores. I wanted to thank Phil for guiding me to the right product and getting my order out.

- Steve

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