Rear Wheel Tire

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Full Poly

Price: + included

Full Poly tires require very little maintenance and are perfect for users who mainly use their wheelchair indoors or over flat solid surfaces.


Price: + included

Pneumatic tires are air-filled tires that make rolling over rough and soft terrain easier more comfortable than solid tires. These tires will require more maintenance than solid tires and will needed to be replaced when the tread becomes worn.

High-Pressure Clincher Black

Price: + $80.75

High-Pressure Clincher tires are narrower and lighter than standard pneumatic tires providing a more efficient push and softer ride.

Pneumatic w/ Airless Insert

Price: + $68.00

Pneumatic tires with airless inserts provide a softer ride over rough or soft terrain than solid tires and won't go flat like traditional air-filled pneumatic tires.