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Attendant Hand Brakes

Price: + $215.00

Attendant hand breaks. Available with knobby tires only. Not available with recline options.

Caster Lock for 2" Front Casters

Price: + $85.00

Caster locks hold the swivel wheels in a forward facing position. This prevents the wheels from turning side to side when being used on rough terrain.

Curb Tipper

Price: + $90.00

Allows the wheelchair attendant extra leverage to raise the front of the wheelchair. Elevates front of the chair to go up curbs.

Headrest Cover (Canopy)

Price: + $205.00

Provides protection from sun or rain. Includes clear observation panel and canopy storage bag.

Saddle Bags

Price: + $110.00

Saddle Bags attach to the side of the chair and are perfect for storing necessary items. Made from black Cordura fabric.

Travel Bag

Price: + $185.00

Wheeled travel bag is great for transporting your chair on planes, trains, in vans or buses. Constructed of heavy duty Cordura fabric, it comes with two-way zippers, pull handles at both ends and an adjustable carrying strap. One size fits most wheelchairs. Available in black only.

Under Seat Storage Basket

Price: + $65.00

The storage basket is the perfect place to stow essential items. It is made of black mesh fabric and attaches to the chair frame with easy-to-use snap closures. The storage basket does not need to be removed when folding the chair.

Upper Extremity Clear Tray w/ Hardware

Price: + $305.00

The support tray is perfect for feeding and providing trunk stabilization. It's upper extremity support surface provides arm support when needed and is great for eating, reading or any other activity requiring a small desk setup.