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Backpack - Quickie Black

Price: + $60.00

Larger full-sized backpack that attaches to the rear handles and has several zippered sections to hold books, magazines and other personal items.

Backpack - Quickie Kids Black

Price: + $50.00

This carry-all backpack attaches securely to your chair back. Smaller version of the adult size.


Price: + $35.00

Ideal for carrying small bags or luggage.

Crutch Holder

Price: + $136.50

Helps keep crutches close by and within arms reach.

Extra Leg Strap Black

Price: + $24.50

This soft feel leg strap help keep feet positioned on the footrest.

Gel Cover Hanger/Frame

Price: + $77.00

These velcro guards will add protection for your front hangers.

Gel Cover Swing Away Arm

Price: + $77.00

These slip-on covers add comfort and protection for your swing-away armrests.

IV Holder

Price: + $192.50

Attaches to the rear seat frame and holds IV bags. Mounts on the left side only.

Impact Guard Neoprene

Price: + $65.00

Protects the front hangers from scratches and also provides a softer surface for the legs to rest on.

O2 Holder

Price: + $217.00

Attaches to the rear seat frame and holds the oxygen tank. 

Seat Pouch - Quickie Black

Price: + $35.00

This handy storage case attaches to the wheelchair frame for under the seat storage.

Spoke Guards; Quickie Black

Price: + $80.50

Keeps fingers clear of the wheel spokes.

Spoke Guards; Quickie Clear

Price: + $80.50

Keeps fingers clear of the wheel spokes.

Tool Kit

Price: + $31.50

Comes complete with all of the different sized wrenches you need to make adjustments to your chair.

Transit System

Price: + $220.50

Includes front and rear securement points. For use with Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint Systems (WTORS) which meet SAE J2249 requirements.

Wheel Lock Extensions Handle (pair)

Price: + $60.00

Provides the extra length for those who find it difficult to reach standard wheel locks.