Bed Size

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Twin - 38" Wide

Price: + included

The Twin is a 38" wide bed perfect for smaller individuals, or those living in a small space such as a nursing home or hospice.

Full - 53" Wide

Price: + $250.00

The Full is a 53" wide bed that provides a little more space and comfort for those who require the higher weight capacity or those who are prone to roll and turn in their sleep.

Queen - 60" Wide

Price: + $380.00

The Queen is a 60" wide bed, perfect for those who want lots of room to spread out and get comfortable. It is also suitable for couples who both want the comfort of an adjustable bed and prefer the same sleep position.

Dual King - 76" Wide

Price: + $1,089.00

The Split King is two twin beds (38" wide each) side by side. They retain independent controls for individuals who prefer different sleep settings.