Footrest/Legrest Accessories

You have 4 choices for this product. Options that we have more details about will show below.

Adjustable Angle Flip-Up Footplates

Price: + $46.90

This option allows you to not only adjust the angle on your footplate, but also flip it up and out of the way should you need!

Heel Loops

Price: + $29.25

Choose the Heel Loops option for your Tracer SX5 Wheelchair to prevent your feet from falling behind the foot plates when using Swing-Away Footrests. Heel Loops are typically composed of a sturdy nylon fiber and connect directly to the back of the foot plate to provide support behind the heel. 

Non-Removable Device

Price: + $16.00

These small caps mount on top of the pins that hold the front riggings onto the wheelchair. Each cap has a set screw that is tightened with the Allen wrench (provided) onto the front rigging pin.