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8" x 1" Solid Rubber, Dark Grey (standard)

Price: + included

The solid charcoal gray tire allows your wheelchairs to easily roll and turn. This 8" caster also allows the chairs to maneuver outdoors and over longer carpet unlike some small caster options.
*Not available with 20" or 22" seat width 

6" Composite Urethane 3-Spoke

Price: + $42.00

Solid casters allow your Tracer SX5 to easily roll and turn. These casters are maintenance free but be offer a little harder of a ride than semi pneumatic options.
* Not available with 20" or 22" seat width 

8" x 1 3/4" Semi-Pneumatic, Light Grey (Required for 20" and 22" seat widths)

Price: + $42.00

Semi-Pneumatic casters have a semi solid core and offer mixed benefits from both air and solid options. Semi-pneumatic casters offer a softer ride like an air will option but have the low maintenance benefit of a sold caster.