Frame Type

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Adult; Seat-to-Floor 19 1/2" (standard)

Price: + included

Seat Height- This is the distance from the floor to the seat upholstery in the wheelchair. To determine seat height, while seated, measure from the bend in the knee to the bottom of the foot. Add about two inches to the measurement to insure there is room for your footrests to clear the ground. 
Typically a standard seat height works for the majority of users.

Hemi; Seat-to-Floor 17 1/2" (Requires 8" Toggle Wheel Lock Extension)

Price: + included

Hemi Seat Height- This seat height is typically needed for users who foot propel. Meaning they push or pull themselves around with their feet rather than push the rear drive wheel.  This lower seat to floor height may also be needed for someone of shorter stature.