Wheel Locks

You have 7 choices for this product. Options that we have more details about will show below.

Pull to Lock

Price: + included

After engagement, the lever is at 90 degrees and remains reachable.

Push to Lock

Price: + included

Standard. After engagement the lever is at 45 degrees. Lever is easily reachable.

Push to Lock, Flush Mount

Price: + included

After engagement, the lever is flush to the seat and out of the way for lateral seat transfers.

Under Seat Scissor Lock

Price: + included

A traditional scissor lock, the levers are under the seat and pulled forward to engage the lock.

Low Profile Scissor Lock

Price: + $35.00

Low profile, lightweight, easy to engage with a sleek and ergonomic design.

Short Thro Scissor Lock

Price: + $87.50

Short Thro lever has a very short travel. It is much easier to reach and stays where it is put. Low mount keeps the wheellock out of sight and away when pushing.