Rear Wheels

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Mag Wheels, 22"

Price: + included

The 5-spoke composite X-Core mag wheel is 20% lighter than the standard mag wheel offered by some manufacturers. The smooth finish and minimalist design has style without the maintenance.

MAXX Performance Spoke, 22"

Price: + included

Eighteen radial spokes, a high flange hub and high quality material construction result in increased rigidity for a more responsive, better performing wheel. Get the most from every push without the high price tag. Offered for little to no upcharge on most models.

Superlight Spoke, 24"

Price: + $220.50

When every ounce counts this is your best choice. Our lightest weight wheel option! When used in conjunction with the Super Light handrim you can reduce the weight of the chair by almost 1 lb.

Superlight Spoke, 25" (req. Superlight or Plastic Coated handrims)

Price: + $220.50


Spinergy SPOX, 22"

Price: + $591.50

The name to trust in performance wheels. Extremely reliable and durable! Choose from 5 different spoke colors.

Spinergy LX, 22"

Price: + $735.00

Spingery LX (Light Extreme) has 12 high strength spokes for a strong and stiff wheel so you get maximum performance.