Rear Wheel Tires

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1" Low Poly (N/A on Superlight, 25", 26" wheels or HD frame)

Price: + included

A softer ride than low cost "over-molded" tires. Corded to prevent it from rolling off the wheel.

1" High Pressure (N/A on Mag wheels)

Price: + $66.50

Schwable high pressure, puncture resistant performance tire. 110lbs of pressure. High pressure tires have minimal rolling resistance.

1" Sentinel Solid (N/A on Superlight, 20" or 22" Mag wheels

Price: + $66.50

The Sentinel Solid 1" tire is a new durable, lightweight solid PU tire option. Offering improved ride quality with decreased rolling resistance. This tire is now available on 20", 22", 24", 25" and 26" wheels.

1 3/8" Polyurethane

Price: + $21.00

Corded to prevent it from rolling off the wheel. Provides a softer ride than other low cost "over-molded" tires.

1 3/8" Street Pneumatic

Price: + $56.00

This standard air tire is more forgiving when going over obstacles and off curbs or stairs.

1 3/8" Schwalbe HS-127 (req. 24" wheels) (N/A on Mag wheels)

Price: + $87.50

Smooth rolling grey tire with Schwalbe’s K-Guard puncture protection.

1 3/8" Pneumatic Tires with Airless Inserts

Price: + $140.00

Low density foam is inserted into a pneumatic tire. Low maintenance - no air, no flat tires!