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1.5" Auto Buckle

Price: + $49.00

Using a double-pull to ensure the buckle remaines in the proper position and attaching hardware for proper placement on the frame, our new belts are an industry best value.

1.5" Auto Buckle, Padded

Price: + $108.50

 This belt has a wide 2.25" pad for riders who may need additional padding.

2" Airline Buckle

Price: + $77.00

This belt uses an airline style buckle that can add a degree of security. It uses a wider 2" belt.

Bodypoint Belt Mounting Kit, Band Clamp 1"

Price: + $73.50

Mounting hardware for the BodyPoint Pelvic Stabilizer.

Bodypoint Evoflex Pelvic Stabilizer, Large (25" - 37")

Price: + $128.10

Stays where you need it. Provides stability and flexibility. Versatile and easy to use. Stiffened end straps keep belt from twisting. Sized for users 33 lbs to 286 lbs. Available in Extra Small, Medium and Large.

Cane and Crutch Holder

Price: + $136.50

Positionable cup to accept most cane and crutch tips.

IV Pole (req. Straight Back)

Price: + $185.50

Extendable and adjustable IV Pole.

Ki Mobility Backpack

Price: + $45.50

Designed by experts to offer you the most accessible, functional and secure travel storage option. A total of 7 storage compartments. Additional 1.5" depth accomodates a zippered padded storage pocket to hold a laptop or tablet.

Luggage Carrier (N/A with residual limb supports)

Price: + $59.50

A lightweight yet extremely durable design! Featuring a two part grip inlay to keep your luggage in place with a 55 lb. weight capacity. Each kit comes with clamps for both frame and footrest tubes to allow for optimal positioning no matter what your chair configuration is.

Neoprene Impact Guards, Black

Price: + $63.00

Sometimes the chair gets "banged" around. These cool neoprene impact guards take some of that force and help keep your chair a little safer.

Oxygen Tank Holder, Left Side

Price: + $206.50

Designed to stay quietly in place with the secure and rattle free clamping system. Built in angle adjustability so it is easier to accommodate for back angle and aftermarket seating and positioning systems. Can be mounted to either left or right side of chair.

Spoke Guards, Black (N/A with 20" or Mag wheels)

Price: + $80.50

Positionable cup to accept most cane and crutch tips.

Tool Kit

Price: + $31.50

Custom designed kit includes 7 simple tools necessary to make any adjustments on your Ki chair, a convenient LED light and carabineer clip for easy attachment.
Tools included:
2x M3 Allen
2x M4 Allen
1x M5 Allen
2x 8mm/10mm Combo Wrench