Footrest Type

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Composite Footplate

Price: + included

Made from a fiberglass filled nylon composite, these footplates are lightweight and tough, making them hard to bend or break.

Composite Angle Adjustable Footplate (N/A with 14" seat width)

Price: + $129.50

Sleek design, easy to operate and fully adjustable. The Composite Angle Adjustable footplate makes adjustments fast and easy. Includes adjustments of the angle as well as fore and aft positioning of the footplate.
Available with extension mount footrest hangers.

Aluminum Angle Adjustable Footplate

Price: + $129.50

Infinite adjustability for more accurate placement of the foot. Aluminum plates have slots for ankle straps and multiple attaching holes.

One-Piece, Flip-Up Angle Adjustable Footplate

Price: + $133.00

Solid, angle adjustable, aluminum footplate provides an excellent surface for your feet and increases rigidity at the front.