Rear Wheel Tires

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1 3/8" Euro Trek Knobby Tires (req. 24" wheels)

Price: + $66.50

Euro Trek Knobby tire designed by Kenda is intended to work in all types of weather conditions as well as on and off road. It has a more aggressive tread pattern than a standard pneumatic tire.

1 3/8" Full Polyurethane Tires (N/A w/ 25", 26", or Superlight wheels)

Price: + $66.50

Corded to prevent it from rolling off the wheel. Provides a softer ride than other low cost "over-molded" tires.

1 3/8" Pneumatic Tires with Airless Inserts (N/A w/ 25" or Superlight wheels)

Price: + $87.50

Low density foam is inserted into a pneumatic tire. Low maintenance - no air, no flat tires!

1 3/8" Schwalbe HS-127 Tires (req. 24" non-Mag wheels)

Price: + $87.50

Smooth rolling grey tire with Schwalbe’s K-Guard puncture protection.

1" Polyurethane (N/A w/ 25", 26", or Superlight Wheels, HD frame)

Price: + $52.50

A softer ride than low cost "over-molded" tires. Corded to prevent it from rolling off the wheel.

1" High Pressure Tires (N/A w/ Mag wheels)

Price: + $66.50

Schwable high pressure, puncture resistant performance tire. 110lbs of pressure. High pressure tires have minimal rolling resistance.

1" Sentinel Solid Tires (N/A w/ 20" or 22" Mag, Superlight wheels)

Price: + $66.50

The Sentinel Solid 1" tire is a new durable, lightweight solid PU tire option. Offering improved ride quality with decreased rolling resistance. This tire is now available on 20", 22", 24", 25" and 26" wheels.

1" Schwalbe One Tires (N/A w/ 20", 22", 26", or Mag wheels)

Price: + $87.50

A new tread design, improved compound and quality workmanship set a new benchmark in terms of quality and performance. This fast, reliable and lightweight tire also features great puncture protection with the Schwalbe V-Guard.

1" Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution Tires (N/A w/ 20", 22", or Mag wheels)

Price: + $94.50

Top of the class in performance and durability. Non-marking black tire. Has a thin line of gel inside to seal punctures and keep you running.