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FREE! PrevaMatt Mattress

Price: + included

 The PrevaMatt Console mattress comes included with your purchase of the UltraCare XT Quickship bed frame.  This mattress is a $699 value, given to you for free!  The PrevaMatt mattress is ideal for users who want a comfortable mattress with the high quality results.    The standard heel slope helps to protect sensitive heels by redistributing pressure along the lower legs and offering a softer foam material within the heel portion of the mattress. The makers of the PrevaMatt Console strategically place cuts in the base of the mattress that protect high risk areas and redistribute pressure.  To top it all off, the PrevaMatt Console is made from plant-based, raw materials.  The zero-emissions manufacturing process of the PrevaMatt Console, exceeds the Clean Air Act requirements set forth by the EPA!