Seat Width

You have 3 choices for this product. Options that we have more details about will show below.

Standard Seat, 17"

Price: + included

 The Envy comes with a Standard 17" wide seat at no extra charge. The seat back folds forward for transport, and has width-adjustable armrests.The seat also pivots side-to side. Seat is 17" wide by 17" deep and has a 16" back height.

Wide Seat, 20"

Price: + $158.00

For more room choose the Optional Wide seat. Seat is 20" wide by 18" deep and has a back height of 16".

Premium Seat, 17"

Price: + $208.00

 Premium seat is 17" wide x 16" deep and has a 17" back height.
The seat folds forward for travel, and the armrests are adjustable.  Upgraded comfort features include more generous padding and a curved design to cradle and support the back..