Back Height

Selecting the correct backrest height is important for the users comfort. For most individuals using a lightweight wheelchair a backrest that hits right around the shoulder blades is most comfortable. However, this height does not work best for all users. For users with less trunk support a higher backrest typically works better and more active users typically prefer a much shorter backrest. When measuring backrest height there is not correct measurement it personal preference and what is most comfortable for that individual. This measurement should be taken while the user is seated. Measure from the seating surface or the base of the tail bone to the middle of the shoulder blades. Be sure to consider the height of a cushion when measuring.

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Adjustable Back Height (15"-17") (standard)

Price: + included

A standard adjustable back height typically works for most people. Having a back height that is too high can inhibit the user's shoulders and not allow for a full push.

Adjustable Back Height (17"-19")

Price: + included