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Desk Length Adjustable Height Conventional

Price: + $94.50

Choose Flip-Back Adjustable Height Desk Length armrests for your 9000 SL Wheelchair if you require precise support for your upper extremities. This precise support will facilitate a more comfortable, upright posture and minimize any undue stress on the shoulder joint. The Desk Length will allow you to pull up closer to desks and table top surfaces. The right and left armrests are non-removable and independently height adjustable. 
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* Adjustable height arm 10"-14", flip-back conventional removable arm style, must choose Angle Back. 

Full Length Adjustable Height Conventional

Price: + $94.50

The Full Length armrest is a standard option on your Tracer SX5 Wheelchair and provides full support through the forearm area of your upper extremities. These fixed height armrest are non-removable
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