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Swing-Away Footrests Aluminum Ftpts. w/Heel Loops (no charge). Will ship in 12-15 days.

Price: + included

This type of footrest easily swings away and can easily be removed to allow users to get close to a table or work space. When loading or storing the chair the footrests can easily be removed requiring less space.

Elevating Legrests Composite Ftpts.

Price: + $135.00

This type of legrest can be used when a patient has limited mobility or flexion in the leg. These legrests will allow users to extend their leg out in front of their seat. This feature can aid in circulation. Note: feet will not be above heart to achieve full benefits required to treat edema. These legrests typically come with a padded calf pad for additional support when legs are elevated. This option will add additional weight to the chair. But can easily be removed for loading in and out of vehicles and will swing away for easy transfers.