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NP100 Prevention Surface Mattress

Price: + $832.00

The NP100 Prevention Surface Mattress by Hill-Rom is ideal for protection against skin breakdown. The NP100 is unique in that it has a shear liner and flexible outer cover that stretches and moves with the patient. This improves patient comfort and reduces friction which helps to prevent pressure ulcers. The cover features a polyurethane coating, reinforced seams, and a flap on the inside to protect against fluid penetration. The NP100 has convenient handles for when the mattress needs to be moved and a non-skid bottom to keep the mattress secure. The foam of this mattress also features a unique anti-microbial agent which protects againts odor-causing bacteria.

Synergy Air Elite Mattress

Price: + $10,080.00

The Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite (SAE) Low Air Loss Therapy Mattress allows you to select options that are best for your individual skin safety program when treating Stage II or Stage III pressure ulcers. The low-air-loss therapy system also helps to keep the patient cool and dry for a healing environment. The Synergy Air Elite has a tri-cell air-over-foam design that prevents bottoming out while lying on the surface.